1. This is a wonderful video! Funny thing though…it’s not just for your
    Period. I found these stretches and instructions extremely handy. Me and my
    family have been installing laminate flooring and boy are we sore! We all
    benefit from these tips on how to stretch out certain areas of our bodies.
    Even my husband and teenage daughter is making good use of this video (and
    my husband doesn’t have his period LOL) Believe me…they really work and
    help tremendously.

  2. My sister needs this

  3. thanks peach.

  4. Thank you for this I always manage to fall away from exercising from the
    moment my menses begin. Do you have any abdominal exercises that I can do
    during my period?

  5. You want to be gentle to yourself and just take it a little easier during
    your period. But when you have just a little energy, do a full body workout
    from the Beginner category on my site. Click the link in the description
    and you’ll see my pilates and weight loss membership. Try it free for 15
    days. I’ll send you coaching emails which actually remind you when your
    trial is about to expire. Any problems and you can call customer service at
    734-252-6140 I hope these help you!

  6. Thank you so much! It really helped me! I’m feeling a bit better!

  7. Joey Lynn Prescott

    This video was great! Just what I needed right now 🙂 I was wondering if
    you had any suggestions for knock knees. It seems my knees, hips, and
    ankles are all way out of alignment resulting in being knock kneed and
    unsteady on my legs. My knees have been this way for as long as I can
    remember. Thank You!

  8. I understand Joey. Knock knees are actually somewhat of a disability. They
    can cause a lot of problems as we get older. The one clear answer: regular
    pilates workouts. Many of us are born with imperfections. The good news is
    that they motivate us to be consistent with our fitness. If you like you
    can do the 15 day free trial on the Great Pilates Now site. That way we can
    meet and share more. Big hug to you! Judy

  9. Whoah! Instant relieve! Even though I’m pretty overweight these weren’t
    hard or painful. Thank you, 🙂

  10. Good for you!

  11. Lorienlegaciesfan

    The best one was the the pillow underneath the spine and the glute strech.
    Thanks this helped a lot. How about a video for making abs

  12. Glad yo enjoyed it. My ab series along with my entire weight loss program
    and a personal consultation is available for your first 15 days free at the
    above website. No strings, no obligations.

  13. This is a very helpful video, thank you! The “Open Like a Book” Stretch is
    a common yoga stretch, though, I find it a bit misleading to call it your
    own invention.

  14. Thank you. Ecclesiastes 1:8 “… So there is nothing new under the sun.”

  15. Thank you soo much for such a great exercises.. i really relieved after did
    it.. I’m glad that I found this helpful video..

  16. take command over your body you tell it what to do… I love that your
    voice is relaxing dictation is clear these stretches are almost for anytime
    not just period. I seem to be loosing inches all over (especially my bust
    area why is that the first to go? I filled out a sweater very nicely wanted
    to keep the twins up there, LOL) my mid sections isn’t budging one bit. I
    look like the Michelin tire man. Eating better no carbs water veggies. I’d
    love to see some pilates to bust this gut off please

  17. hahaha AMEN!

  18. If you bothered to watch the video it’s not for guys, has nothing to do
    with getting ripped, and is completely original. You guys will not become
    successful pasting comments like that.

  19. This is all wrong,you shouldn’t be in an upside down position on your

  20. this is amazing!

  21. I was having absolutely awful cramps today. The kind that have you bed
    ridden all day and make you wish you had been born a man. You’re stretches
    helped a lot, and you’re voice is so relaxing!

  22. Good for you Reita. Glad you found it helpful. <3

  23. thank you for this – i would never watch this type of video i never get
    cramps but today they got me! the last stretch was the best!!!

  24. oh my God still hurting…..even crying while doing this….i wanna die it

  25. Thank you .. I have tried it today ..
    Its so helpful .. thanks alot honey
    Now im feeling better ♡ God bless you ♡

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