Best Exercise for Pregnant Women

What is the Best Exercise for Pregnant Women?

While light exercise of almost any kind is beneficial for the woman’s health during pregnancy, some of the best exercise for pregnant women involves yoga. Yoga is a system of mental and physical exercises, born of Hinduism, which is used to promote therapeutic control of the mind and body.

Yoga has been shown to provide a myriad of health benefits, but none more important that those gained during pregnancy. Many women simply do not exercise regularly, and that is not likely to change at the onset of pregnancy. However, yoga is different that other activities such as running or aerobics, which become more difficult and labor-intensive as the pregnancy wears on.

Simply put, the best exercise for pregnant women is not high-impact, harrowing physicality. Ideally, it is gentle, regular activity, performed for the recommended 30 minutes every day. Knowing this, it should not be a surprise that yoga fits the bill perfectly.

In fact, regimes have been devised especially for prenatal women, which are adapted to best suit the woman, in concordance with her current trimester. Yoga is one of the only exercise systems that is safe for the woman throughout her entire pregnancy, or for as long as she deems necessary.

The best exercise for pregnant women should help promote increased strength and agility for the mother – and once again, yoga has all the answers. Yoga helps improve stamina and strengthen muscles, including those used during childbirth.

Mothers-to-be can also learn breathing, mediation, and stretching techniques, which help to minimize pain during contractions and labor. Due to these facts, mother who practice yoga regularly, on average, report fewer complications and negative effects during childbirth. Additionally, the mother can reward her infant, still in utero, with neurobehavioral benefits.

Considering the history of the yoga discipline, it’s no coincidence that yoga just happens to be the best exercise for pregnant women. It is a self-focused, spiritually-motivated practice, intended to promote relaxation, ease tension, and give the women uninterrupted time to connect with her body as she transitions into motherhood. It offers a total mind-to-body experience, increasing confidence and positive feelings.

It is a discipline that encourages physical and emotional healing, and has been used and for thousands of years by Buddhists, Hindus, and Westerners alike Consequently, any expecting mother would be hard-pressed to find another activity that compares with it. Simply put, it is the best exercise for pregnant women!

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