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A urine odor remover product before using any other cleaning products. These are best used in a dark room, and will make individual urine spots stand out so commercial carpet cleaning machine (after spot treatment)

Using your Spot ScrubberTM. Let us help you put your cleaner together or answer any questions, Use a Dirt Devil@ vacuum cleaner with a revolving brushroll for best results. CHECK FOR COLOR FASTNESS:

Product Tips Keep your flooring in great condition. The best way to ensure long–lasting beauty, comfort and durability in your carpet is to vacuum it regularly, as it spot remover that has been approved by The Carpet and Rug Institute of America

DARK COLORS RETAIN HEAT. CAUTION: (The following steps are recommended for best results.) • New concrete must cure for a minimum of 30 days. • Remove old coating or sealer • Spot prime all bare concrete areas with BEHR NO. 880 CONCRETE &

HIRSUTISM Hair removal and pharmacologic treatment Treatment for hirsutism is unnecessary if no abnormal etiology can be diagnosed, and the patient does not find the hirsutism cosmetically objectionable.

Pretreat with lemon juice or commercial rust remover in a glass or plastic bowl. Use commercial removers This is why it is sold in either dark or opaque bottles. Jeraldine R. Spot and Stain Removal for Washable

A highly effective aniline dye stain remover from wood. Apply repeatedly until the desired color rather restores the natural color. For best results, dissolve 3 to 5 oz per gallon of warm water then apply by spray, Dark Walnut Stain, allow to dry, then apply a lighter color stain such

For Body, Legs, Arms & Bikini Area WAX Hair RemoverHair Remover WAX STRIP KIT Hair where you wish you were bare? Now Sally Hansen® makes it even easier to remove

Proper care and maintenance will help ensure your floor always looks its best. Bruce Dark ‘n’ Rich 4. Spills and tracked-in dirt should be wiped up immediately. For spot cleaning, apply Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner onto a clean cloth and rub onto

Concrete Technology Today 4 Return To Index Pinto Pinto concrete refers to large, irregu-lar-shaped, dark-colored blotches on the surface of concrete flatwork. Sometimes called mottling, it most As with most concrete cleaning pro-cedures, it’s best to start with the most dilute

BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS BEST NEW PRODUCT AWARDS ANNOUNCE 2010 WINNERS Survey of 50,000 American Shoppers Reveals Top Picks January 22, 2010 (New York, N.Y.) Laundry Cleaner OxiClean Max Force Laundry Stain Remover Spray Dish Soap Dawn Pure Essentials Dish Soap Household Cleaning

Spot Remover • Removes a variety of water & oil based stains. • Available in both Dark & Light bristles. • For best results, use in conjunction with Bickmore cleaners and sponge. PLRDK Dark Hat Brush PLRLGT Light Hat Brush Bickmore Boot

Be used on the face or around fingernails/toenails. cryotherapy or other blistering agents (eg. warts on your face or around your nails). • Silver Duct Tape: There are conflicting studies regarding the effectiveness of this treatment.

Are more difficult to remove than "fresh" ones, and some staining agents other recommended remover) and rub gently with a clean white towel. Rub the spot, or blot if the fabric is very delicate. 3.

BEST FACE MASK Sarah Chapman Instant Miracle Mask, £38 for 4 sachets. Dark Circle Corrector, £28. “Gives good coverage without BEST SPOT REMOVER Origins Spot Remover, £22. “A brilliant salicylic

Medium Peel Dark crusts peels off on day 5 to 7 then erythema appears and soon fade Repeat medium-depth chemical peel Deep Chemical Peel Face is divided into six aesthetic subunits –Forehead, perioral region, bilateral cheeks, nose, and

HIRSUTISM Hair removal and pharmacologic treatment Treatment for hirsutism is unnecessary if no abnormal etiology can be diagnosed, and the patient does not find the hirsutism cosmetically objectionable.

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