Best Cellulite Treatment… Is There One?

by Sue Bond
(Chicago, USA)

When it comes to the finding the best cellulite treatment, it helps to understand exactly how those treatments will work and what they claim to do. The truth is that there is no miracle cure for cellulite, but there are treatments that can minimize its appearance and get you feeling confident about your body again.

1) Weight Loss/ Prevention of Weight Gain

The first option can work as a preventative measure as well as a treatment for cellulite. Many women have found that maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine worked as the best cellulite treatment for them.

This helps to improve the appearance and tone of your skin, though it does not make cellulite completely go away.

2) Topical Cellulite Creams

There are a number of creams on the market claiming to help your cellulite. These creams, just like weight loss, do not make your cellulite disappear but they do reduce the appearance. However, creams can vary so it’s important to do your research to find one that contains important ingredients such as retinol and caffeine that can have a noticeable effect.

Revitol and Dermology are two highly recommended creams for the treatment of cellulite.

3) Massage Treatment

There are a number of machines developed to help affected areas, which work by massaging skin with rolling cylinders that can suction, squeeze and pull the skin.

Studies have shown that these may work temporarily, but the fat is only redistributed meaning that the cellulite will become more noticeable again after treatment.

4) Lasers/ Radiofrequency Systems

Many people believe that the best cellulite treatment that they can pay a professional for is light therapy. This involves lasers working at the same time as suction of the skin.

However, these are also temporary treatments and they can end up costing thousands of dollars.

5) Wraps

Wraps are a common treatment offered by salons for cellulite. However, the effects of these wraps have not been proven.

They may be useful for improving the appearance of the skin, and reducing fluid retention, though the effects are very temporary.

6) Liposuction

It’s a common belief that liposuction can help to reduce – even cure – the appearance of cellulite. Unfortunately this is not the case.

Liposuction is designed to remove fat from the body, but it cannot get rid of cellulite. In some cases, liposuction could even make the appearance of cellulite worse.


The best cellulite treatment generally means combining two or more of the above methods. Cellulite creams, such as Dermology – available as a free trial – have been shown to work best when applied over a period of time and given a period of weeks to begin working.

It’s important to stick to a routine in order to see the very best results.

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Updated: October 28, 2012 — 12:47 pm

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