Best Aerobic Workout DVDs

Aerobic (meaning “with oxygen”) exercise is physical activity that increases the heart rate and strengthens the body’s oxygen using systems. It is sometimes called cardiovascular or cardio exercise. Walking, running and dancing are just a few types of aerobic exercise.

Aerobic works the large muscles (like the legs), increases the heart rate and raise the body’s demand for oxygen. To be most effective, aerobic exercise should raise the heart rate to about 50% to 85% of your maximum heart rate.

Your maximum heart rate can be determined by your doctor, or you can estimate it yourself as follows: for women, take 226 and deduct age and for men, take 220 and deduct age. The resulting number is a good estimate of your maximum heart rate. Before you do strenuous cardio exercise, you should get the okay from your doctor.

One way to get a good aerobic workout is to work out to an aerobic fitness DVD. Here are five good aerobic workout DVDs for beginners to advanced fitness buffs.

Step Pump: Tonya Larson. This DVD combines a good aerobic workout with a strength training segment to help you sculpt your body. In addition, it is structured with basic moves for beginners and more advanced options for more seasoned steppers, which will allow you to tailor your routine to the one that best suits your needs. A 30-minute step segment is followed by 25 minutes of pump exercises for toning. In addition, there are four three-minute spiritual warm-ups that are optional but may be of interest to some users. These segments include emotional and spiritual health, self control, physical health and hope. You can purchase this DVD at www.amazon.com/Step-Pump-Tonya-Larson.

Moving Free Longevity Solution Cardio Dance Level 1 Easy Aerobics DVD for Beginners, Boomers and Seniors Exercise by Mirabai Holland. Mirabai Holland is a health activist with a lengthy, impressive resume who specializes in preventative and rehabilitation exercise. As the title suggests, her DVD is for beginners of all ages who can do moderate exercise. She leads users through the aerobic dance routines so that they are easy to learn. In addition, she provides useful information on the benefits of cardio (aerobic) exercise and how to achieve your target heart rate. You can purchase this DVD at www.amazon.com/Longevity-Solution-Aerobics-Beginners-Exercise.

Dance Fitness for Beginners with MaDonna Grimes, Urban Street Heat. MaDonna Grimes is an award-winning choreographer who brings her expertise on the dance floor to bear in this DVD. The dance steps are easy to learn and fun for beginners to perform. This DVD has plenty of attitude and provides an energetic, effective routine that makes getting in better shape a joy. You can purchase this DVD at www.amazon.com/Dance-Fitness-Beginners.

Denise Austin – Boot Camp, Total Body Blast. This is three workouts in one, aerobics, strength training and flexibility. It starts with a 20-minute high-energy cardio workout, followed by a 20-minute routine that alternates strength training with weights and intense cardio exercises, then finishes with flexibility and stretching moves. You can purchase this DVD at www.amazon.com/Denise-Austin-Boot-Camp.

Christi Taylor, Totally Cool Step. Step routines can be great aerobic workouts. This DVD features a challenging workout best for experienced steppers. It may be hard work, but it will pay off with patience and diligence. You can purchase this DVD at www.amazon.com/Christi-Taylor-Totally-Cool-Step.


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