Bel Marra Health Supports a New Study that Shows How Specific Exercise Regimens Help Curb Nicotine Cravings

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) September 12, 2012


Bel Marra Health, well known for offering high-quality, specially formulated vitamins and nutritional supplements, supports a new study that shows how specific exercise regimens help curb nicotine cravings.

According to the latest medical report published in The Cochrane Library, there are currently several exercise regimens that may help in curbing those nicotine cravings. The report identified approximately fifteen clinical trials that have used exercise in smoking cessation programs. The clinical trials have shown that exercise helps ex-smokers in getting back in shape, as well as in reducing the need for counting calories in the daily diets to lose weight. More importantly, these exercise programs have helped keep these ex-smokers from going back to smoking.

The study showed that performing exercise has resulted in a higher level of abstinence from eating, thus reducing the need for counting calories in the diets. The study participants of these clinical trials were monitored for approximately 12 months and these subjects then remained smoke-free and were still performing regular exercise. The study participants were also observed to have adapted the act of counting calories consumed in their diets and this replaced the activity of smoking.

For years, physicians have recommended that smokers engage in physical activities in order to decrease the impact of smoking cessation. However, there is still a large percentage of smokers who have failed in quitting smoking, possibly due to the poor design of the smoking cessation program. In other cases, smoking cessation is less appealing because of fear of gaining weight. Counting calories in the daily diets may help in controlling excessive weight gain among individuals who have decided to quit smoking, yet this act may be very challenging. Spokesperson for Bel Marra Health Dr. Victor Marchione says, “Smokers who lead a very hectic daily schedule often find smoking cessation is a waste of their time and would continue on with their craving for nicotine.”

The recent medical report has shown that physical activity may decrease nicotine cravings among smokers and coupling this with counting calories in diets may result in a successful lifestyle change. To increase the chance of quitting smoking, it may also be helpful to seek the advice of a medical doctor, who may recommended a specific exercise regimen that has been designed for former smokers.

CEO of Bel Marra Health Jim Chiang advises, “It may also be beneficial to ask for a referral for a physical activity trainer, who understands how one’s body responds right after smoking cessation. Getting over those nicotine cravings may definitely result in endless healthier options for every individual.”

(SOURCE: “The Cochrane Library”, Exercise interventions for smoking cessation, January 2012)

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