1. they look like they’re going out 🙂

  2. @PerfumeEqla3 how is he playing with her heart? she only considers him as a

  3. @tornumbrella um no It’s obvious she has a huge crush on him just look at
    some of their interviews together and the way she looks at him. plus she’s
    always leaning closer not to mention how she mentions him in like every
    single interview

  4. I have to say they look soooo cute together, not that I don’t know Kellan’s
    got a girlfriend.

  5. ad if they ever hook up it’s been a loooooooooooooooong time to do that^^ i
    meaan they know eachother for SO long…

  6. Aww….they make a cute couple! x]

  7. To me you can tell if they were either friends or even dating. They say
    they are best friends which they probably are, but we hope they are dating.
    They do make a cute couple though.

  8. she is flawless. ahh the babies they would make hahaa

  9. MacNCheseProductions

    ashley i have a question if you see this, it is physically impossible 4 me
    2 loose weight what do i do?

  10. Michaela Volankova

    omg. she is so awesome.

  11. 0:05 If I was her, I WOULD DIE hahaha so cute! 🙂

  12. kind of reminds me of Kristen and Taylor’s photo shoot……..

  13. i love that he’s holding her jacket at 3:17. so adorable!

  14. Ashley with Kellan, Jackson with me. 😀

  15. @northernireland0000 That’s alright 🙂 I’m sorry if I came out mean, but I
    don’t like people critizing Kristen because they think she’s not pretty
    enough. That’s what I thought you meant. Everyone is entilted to their own
    opinion =) And BTW, Ashley is not pretty, she’s gorgeous. And Kristen has
    stunning eyes, indeed. =)

  16. @sassylea92 Thats really interesting that you say that I got from the books
    that she was beautiful but didn’t realise how beautiful she was…
    Interesting how different people get different images in their head of how
    the characters look.

  17. her and kellan make a cute couple

  18. lolz kellan lutz is soo hot like omg hessss sexyyy bro

  19. mucho mas que hermosa

  20. @northernireland0000 Ashley’s not right for Bella at all. She’s suppose to
    be awkward and stuff. She originally tried out for Bella but obviously they
    couldn’t see her as a good Bella, neither can I. Kristen has the role of
    Bella in her back pocket. Ashley is perfect as Alice, not…Bella?

  21. i love her nose c: so pretty


  23. I got to grab his hand real fast! New Moon Premier! That was awesome! Him
    and Peter Facinelli came into the theater and everyone freaked!

  24. So want to be like her

  25. Gosh they are so cute

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