Beginner’s Guide to Dietary Ketosis

To help with that process, this beginner’s guide to dietary ketosis explains the basic principles of ketosis. It reveals how restricting carbohydrates improves your chances for fat loss, and tells you exactly what you need to know about metabolism to get started on the road to a new and better you.

Restricting Calories Ignores Metabolic Defects

Standard weight-loss solutions focus on portion control. They ask you to reduce your fat intake, to conserve calories, and to up your activity. If you are free from metabolic problems, these changes can work well, but if you have insulin resistance, diabetes, cholesterol issues, fatty liver or inherited defects in the way your body secrets and uses insulin, they might not. Reducing fat and calories doesn’t address the metabolic defects associated with elevated insulin and blood glucose levels.

How a Glucose Metabolism Works

Dr. Michael R. Eades, author of The Protein Power LifePlan, in a blog post entitled “Metabolism and Ketosis,”

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