1. Epic video Katie. You’re a legend do you know that! My thinspiration x

  2. you are very pretty before and after

  3. incredible!

  4. You’re so beautiful, I am so proud of you!! =)

  5. Hey Katie you are truly great and a blessing! I’m glad you uploaded this
    video but please upload more! Lol 

  6. you are sooo cool!! Love you

  7. HOLY IMPLANTS! I will say though dude, if I lost that much weight, a boob
    job would be well deserved :D

  8. great job! you look fantastic!!!

  9. Even when you were larger, I feel like everything was still like perfectly
    balanced and beautiful! I’m so jealous! But good job! You are definitely my
    inspiration to work my butt off every day! You also just seem really humble
    about it all, and I love that

  10. well done to you, you should be very proud of yourself. I’ve watched all
    your videos and was so glad to see you had put this up today!! Very
    inspiring and beautiful x

  11. Hey misspink Is the 2 hr elliptical the cardio that you still do today?
    you look amazing!

  12. Miss P, don’t let people talk down to you. You did an amazing thing that
    lots of people never do. I like everything that you said in this vid! Keep
    up the good work!

  13. you look AMAZING! did you only workout on the elliptical at home? did you
    go to the gym or do anything else?

  14. Rickysnotmyrealname88

    Did you start running in the beginning with the elliptical or did you start
    running once you got used to the elliptical?

  15. Hi I’m 17 and I been working out but it’s so hard to eat heathy I have 2
    months before prom do you think I can lose 20 pounds in that time period?

  16. What did you eat when you were going through this? 

  17. Just saw you answered my question below for someone else. sorry:) lol

  18. Did you have any stretch marks when you started? If you did do they think
    they faded at all and do you have any tips to help them fade? 

  19. Amazing job girl!! Keep it up :)

  20. Love your videos, you are so amazing and inspirational. Thank you :-)

  21. I know you lost it in a generally unhealthy way but dayum girl. You have to
    have so much mental power and motivation for that. Amazing!

  22. i dont think its a good idea to post a video like this someone might get a
    serious problem trying to do what you did you are lucky something wrong
    didnt happened to you, this video only puts pressure on teenagers that want
    to loose weight fast

  23. I love your videos! You really are an inspiration <3 I just joined a gym,
    and am hoping to lose 20 lbs before I go back home from college in the
    summer. I've always been unhappy with my weight, and I've decided now is
    the time to change so that I can be happier. Basically trying to do what
    you did I guess! Good luck with everything, I hope you always stay happy
    and healthy! and Congrats again on your amazing weight loss girl!! you're

  24. So so so so proud of my girl!! Aaron laughed that you mentioned him when we
    were at Diddy Reese haha good times my love! So beyond proud of you! This
    girl is a real life ROCKSTAR everyone! Much love doll, xoxoxo

  25. oh my gosh! you were beautiful before but now your confidence is shining
    through giving you an extra “glow”! GREAT JOB! i wish i could get this
    weight off but i don’t really know why it is taking so long! anyways.. you
    look amazing!

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