1. if you ask your doctor for “Double Base” gel, its thicker than a cream so
    its great especially when the season changes. If its very severe ask about
    steroids but use it very sparingly and as soon as it becomes more
    manageable stop using it. Apart from that just be very disciplined creaming
    morning and night, even when you’ve healed (I still use double base day and
    night). The biggest and hardest thing is not to scratch. Also for eyelids
    put the cream on thicker before bed. Hope this helps!

  2. Fantastic video laila! So inspiring! I’ve been loosing weight since april
    after being so unhappy with how I looked on my 21st birthday! I’ve lost 35
    lb so far and I’ve surpassed my goals I set myself , I’ve done it with
    weight watchers method but for free and its brilliant , I eat much better
    portions now and I still eat all my fav foods like crisps and chock! You
    look amazing and beautiful ! Follow me back if you like on Instagram so you
    can see my before and after photos , yours are amazing !

  3. @sophiejenner1 on instagram x well done Laila your amazing! X x x

  4. Now I must say, that was an interesting and inspirational video. Not many
    legitimate people sit down and talk about this. Glad you did the video. And
    for those reading my comment, just remember that 87% of weight loss starts
    and ends with what you eat and the rest is cardio. Mind blowing I know. No
    supplements nor organic foods needed fyi

  5. This was amazing it made me cry . Thank you for this video

  6. You are awesome habibti .. and i will follow your journey .. Wish u all the
    best .

  7. I needed this

  8. Fantastic video!!! X

  9. Thanx so much for this video, you had me in tears. You have giving me back
    the motivation I lost months ago. You are truly amazing and an inspiration.
    Thank you soooooo much!!!:)

  10. You look incredible! I applaud you for being so brave and sharing your
    story! I am on a weigh loss journey myself after being heavier all my life.
    I love knowing that it is possible. Your success makes me want to push
    forward and reach my goals!

  11. This is a truly amazing video, I really admire you for talking out about

  12. I smile when im nervous too. haha

  13. This vid will help tons of people!!!! But u look great!

  14. Your awesome. I was bullied too, for another reason tho. Your amazing.
    Thanks for his video. Now I’m battling with weight problems. Thanks.

  15. Amazing!

  16. Wow Laila, I just remember you as one of the pretty girls who were always
    so bubbly, smart and positive! You’re looking amazing, all the best xx

  17. Can you make a video on HOW you actually lost the weight? Very
    interested..I can completely relate to pretty much your whole
    childhood/highschool experience.

  18. Thank you for this video

  19. Very inspirational!

  20. Thanks for the motivational videos. I started at a size 24 and got down to
    a 14. I was still unhappy. I went through a traumatic experience where I
    wanted to end my life and now I’m a size 16, started back on track doing
    T25 and eating better. This video is so awesome. Thanks :-)

  21. Very inspirational video. I struggle with my weight and have struggled
    with it all my life. Staying motivated has always been a problem and I
    make excuses – but it’s no coincidence that I’m watching this video now.
    I’m feeling encouraged today. Thank you for sharing! 

  22. @07:13 I had to like the video…you’re the funniest honestly I always
    smile like you do and sometimes I can’t fight it and it makes me
    uncomfortable and also whatever you make it’s like I could say exactly the
    same joke hahah fantastic

  23. my jaw literally dropped lol. so inspirational :)

  24. You look amazing!!! 

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