1. Adriana Lima is such a sweetheart! I look up to her! =)

  2. holy shit, she’s absolutely gorgeous *__*

  3. So i geuss im buying nothin but berries lol

  4. I love her so much!! She’s flawlessly gorgeous and is my inspiration. And
    now i dont really like Erin in the background who was smoking.

  5. Adriana smokes too:( well not just her alot of others like alessandra, ana
    beatriz and behati. I know what you mean, its like i look up to these women
    and to see them doing that is disappointing.

  6. Furreal Doe!

  7. i wish i looked like her

  8. SunshineandSand88

    Adriana Lima is my favourite model. She’s such a badass (but a gorgeous
    one!) and she has so much personality. Love her! 🙂

  9. PPl their job is to be IN a diet and exercise to show off dont feel bad if
    you dont look like them vs models we cant all work out and diet always

  10. not more than they want them to stay skinny

  11. after giving birth to her baby her face is even more perfect and beautiful

  12. wth, WHITE trash? idiot

  13. ProvocatuerBarbie25

    I wish she would ever learn to mask that accent for me its not a sexy one.
    It just seems to me if she would have learned english better she could be a
    very succesful actress too, but she just sounds so strange- great to look
    at not so much when she speaks.

  14. What the heck!! =O I didn’t know Erin Heatherton smoked! I was researching
    supermodel secrets to health and beauty… Now I have to remove Erin from
    my list. She was a favorite of mine before, huge let down. 🙁

  15. shes beautiful 🙂

  16. LOL 90% of the angels smoke

  17. You know what, I completely agree with you, But you need to understand how
    much stress they go through. 3-5 Hours a day of excersice. Diets. They are
    put through so much stress, That they are able to do that, They are put
    through so much STRESS! That I cannot believe you would say that, that
    little smoke, makes them feel a little bit more stress free.

  18. its her life

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  21. All of the models smoke or have smoked before.

  22. lol erin in the back smokin a ciggy while adri preaches health LMAOO

  23. You are talking about me having to expand my vocabulary? Miss, you are
    talking about smoking being ‘white trash’. How about you stop calling
    people white trash. (Btw, take that unattractive photo away).

  24. it’s so weird that when you look at the other models like candice, erin or
    lily you think wow they’re beautiful but u can still see their small
    imperfections, but when you look at adriana she’s like so perfect you can’t
    find anything wrong about her ,her face is a perfection!

  25. haha and yet again you delete your messages. What a pathetic little girl.
    You really make me sick,

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