Beauty Treatment For All Ages

At 20 we dream of perfection. At 30 we stop time. At 40 we learned to hide some imperfections. At 50 we demand as much as possible to our beauty!

At every stage of our lives we live with new challenges, concerns, and also with some concerns. Luckily there are aesthetic centers to address some of these issues.

We must do something for our body, but above all, the important thing is not to skip steps and live according to our age.

Beauty Treatment At 20

Pay attention to skin hygiene.

Crossing the barrier of the 20 are the main signs of change that our body experiences: some spots, remnants of juvenile acne, early fine wrinkles… Luckily, we still have time to reverse quickly. It is advisable to make regular facials and use moisturizing creams and masks. You can consider using Lily Lolo and Environ, Jane Iredale makeup therapy for the best results.

For cellulite and stretch marks, which are characterized by early onset, we recommend treating with a healthy diet and plenty of aerobic exercise. In art body treatments for localized fat, demand is given 18 years. In these cases, techniques are used and very effective as ultra-cavitations invasive none (always indicated by medical professionals) and thermotherapy. Electro-stimulation (Russian and interferential waves) is also required as an alternative for toning buttocks, thighs and abdomen.

Beauty Treatment At 30

Spot treatments and beauty technologies.

Around 30, the most striking feature is that the skin begins to lose elasticity due to lack of nutrients and antioxidants. Again, do not neglect the power! Everything you see on our outside comes from our inner health. Once we change these habits, we may supplement with more specific and localized treatments like microdermabrasion routines (diamond points), facials and masks nutritious, more care daily with the right products you have at home and help you see and feel the softness on your skin.

For fans: Other treatments that you have at your disposal in specialized centers are radiofrequency, a system that stimulates the formation of new collagen to improve facial contours and reduce and delay the formation of wrinkles, intense pulsed light (IPL), consisting of the flashes of light to remove stains and improve the quality and texture of the skin and facial mesotherapy – a new alternative that is used to moisturize, rejuvenate and tone, with only twice a year, great differences are perceived.

Beauty Treatment At 40

The greater constancy and periodicity

The crisis of the 40 disappearing little by little, because we have a wide range of treatments that show us a nice image in the mirror, and above all, make us feel good, full and happy.

Aging process alters some facial regions causing loss of volume, mainly on the cheeks, lips and chin. In this period, facials can remain the same, but varying the type of products – Environ, Jane Iredale can be used and especially increasing the frequency slightly.

Ideally combine, for example, maintenance treatment with mesotherapy and moisturizing to get the perfect beautiful and flawless skin even at 40’s.

The interesting thing is to choose treatments that use natural substances in the body that the skin loses over time and the body cannot replace it. Besides the naturalness of the results, the duration is too differentiated, depending upon the characteristics of each person.

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