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You should never have a lackluster workout ever again. It’s time to take control while you can so that you grow old gracefully. To start with, you need to eat slow-digesting carbs two hours before you train. You burn more fat and have more endurance than when you eat fast-digesting carbs such as white pasta before you go out to train. Stick to whole wheat such as bagels, beans, or oats. They have been proven to be much better for you. It also helps to avoid high-fat meals four hours before training. Wolfing down a fatty meal will constrict your blood vessels for as long as four hours and this means that you’ll get less blood to your muscles, a smaller pump, and the time you need to recover will increase.

It helps to also take amino acids 45 minutes before your actual workout. You will get to increase your reps dramatically with this method. Keep your head up at all times. Think of a negative thought and then drop your chin. Close your eyes when you do this. Hold that thought and then raise your head. Thoughts become more vivid when you drop your chin and this sweeps it all away when you finish your set.

Try taking caffeine an hour before you hit the gym. The amount that you take will help you do more. You can get the same kind of hit when you drink two cups of coffee, but be careful with going overboard because you might end up feeling bloated and sluggish. If you’re not a coffee drinker, go for an energy drink instead. Try to incorporate stretches after training, not before. Static stretching after a workout makes you a lot more flexible than if you do it beforehand. This could possibly be because it’s easier to stretch a muscle that’s already been warmed up. Dynamic stretches are what you should do before you start.

In every set that you do, don’t go for failure. Training with one set to failure increases strength better than taking no sets to failure at all. However, when you get to do more, your strength gain could visibly lower. Be careful and speak with an expert before you plan out your program. And while you do cardio, it helps to distract yourself so that you won’t feel the monotony. Even if you shifted your focus on something uninteresting, your activity will seem easier than if you concentrated on how you felt at that very moment.

When you drink your protein shakes, try to add a bit of whey into it. You will consume far less calories this way. You could also eat grapefruit to stay lean. Eat about half of it three times a day. The fruit’s acidity slows down digestion, helping you feel full longer and stay lean. But even when you go to the gym regularly, try to skip the sauna. You lose too much water this way. Instead, try alternating between three minutes hot and one minute of cold shower. Try these tips and see if you your body benefits a lot from the habits you’ve incorporated.

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Updated: October 28, 2012 — 12:36 pm

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