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by Sue Bond
(Chicago, Illinois, USA)

Time takes its toll on your body, and when it comes to your breasts, you need to make sure that have them checked regularly. If you want healthy and perky breasts, a healthy diet always helps. Maintaining your ideal weight can do wonders to its form.

Remember, you also have breast cancer to worry about, aside from its shape. Eat your vegetables because a diet that’s low in fat offers protection against cancer-producing cells.

Aside from a healthy diet, you also need to break a sweat regularly. Aim to exercise at least three times a week and make sure that you tone the muscles in your chest area. That way, gravity won’t take its toll quickly on your body.

Go to your doctor for regular checkup and see what you can do to maintain your shape. Another great option is to go for a breast lift surgery. Your desire to get the procedure could stem from a number of reasons.

Basically, if you remain unsatisfied with your body even after you’ve done what you can, you can seek the help of a surgeon.

Make sure to get someone competent enough so you can bring your chest back to its former glory. You’ll see that you’ll feel so much better afterwards because a simple lift can make a big difference to your appearance.

Most of the patients are women who have passed the age of 40 or who had multiple births. Breast tissue will sag with time, and the older you are, the more unappealing they can seem.

And with society vying to look younger than ever, you can’t help but jump in the bandwagon as well. Just know that if you plan to have more children in the future, breast feeding is a possibility.

You can no longer nourish your baby naturally after you’ve had work done on your breasts, especially when implants are involved. You may just have to put the plan on hold until your children have grown.

And like many major decisions you have in life, you have to look into the pros and cons of a breast lift surgery. Complications are a possibility, though highly unlikely with a skilled doctor. Some have been known to suffer from extreme swelling, extensive bleeding and scarring, and unsightly discoloration.

If you don’t react well to the anesthesia, you could develop blood clots and possibly put your life on the line. But before you go into panic mode, these complications don’t occur as often as you think, and happen mostly when women seek the help of an unlicensed surgeon who charges a much cheaper price.

When you talk to the right doctor, they are actually confident with the fact that you’ll come out from the entire experience unscathed, and that’s because proper testing has been done before you are wheeled into the operating room.

Should you choose to embark on this journey, think about how much impact it could have in your life. Most importantly, set aside enough cash.

This is an investment that will be worth every penny because a bang-up job could destroy your confidence. The point of the breast lift is to feel good, and when it comes to your body, you shouldn’t dive into any decision.

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Updated: January 28, 2014 — 6:35 am

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