Beachbody's New Focus T25™ Workout DVDs Have Been Selling Rapidly

Santa Monica, CA (PRWEB) June 28, 2013

The highly anticipated 25-minute home DVD workout, Focus T25™, by Shaun T of Insanity fame, officially became available for purchase online through Independent Beachbody Coach Distributors on Monday June 24th, right after the Team Beachbody Coach Summit 2013 in Las Vegas.

Sales of Focus T25™ came in rapidly on the popular Independent Beachbody Distributor store http://HelpMeGetFit.com.

It first went on sale at the Team Beachbody Summit in Las Vegas, in which 1,000 copies were sold out before Friday. A second truckload of 1,000 copies was requested to come to the convention to fill the overwhelming demand.

The high demand is due to the huge following of Shaun T, Carl Daikeler and the company Beachbody, and the need the program fills, as so many people are short on time.

Shaun T is the trainer in the #1 workout infomercial for the past 2 years, according to the CEO Carl Daikeler, the highly popular Insanity workout.

The main difference between the two programs is T25™ workouts are about half the time, and focus on intensity instead of endurance.

The program got it's start when the CEO of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler, asked Shaun T to create a program to fit into a busy person's schedule, while getting the same results as an hour-long program like the Insanity workout.

“The number one reason people have for not working out, is they don't have time.” says Shaun T in the commercial. “The only thing that stands between you and the results you want is time.”

He created this unique program that combines the most effective and efficient moves.

“The result is FOCUS T25™ and the name implies the intent: If you focus your intensity for 25 minutes, and you do it 5 days a week, you WILL get results,” says the Beachbody site.

The T25™ test group as featured in the Focus T25™ commercial, shows results of people losing from between 16 to 67 pounds and getting 6-pack abs (individual results may vary).

Tania from Insanity is the Modifier, to enable people to ease into the program with lower impact if needed.

According to Shaun T's speech at the Team Beachbody Coach Summit in Las Vegas, the workout program is in three stages, Alpha, Beta and Gamma.

Alpha, the beginning stage, is designed to teach people how to do the moves right and get their mind focused, before moving on to the more intense Beta phase.

Beta focuses on the core, since it's the center of the body, it needs to be the strongest to support the rest of the body. Muscle groups are worked to near fatigue, then Shaun T moves on to another muscle group that's been resting. Both the Alpha and Beta stages just use body weight.

Gamma is for adding muscle and involves using weights. Shaun T said that a 20 pound weight will feel like it's 100 pounds towards the end of the workout.

The Base version includes the Alpha and Beta routines. The Gamma DVDs are included in upgrade options, either as the DVD only, or as a package, with a cushioning miniMat, resistance bands, and a Gamma workout calendar.

The base price is the same as Insanity at $119.85, and currently includes free shipping along with a free Core Speed DVD.

More detailed information about the program, packages and pricing are available on this T25 page.

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