1. There wouldnt be problems like this if our fuel was made from a natural
    plant, HEMP.

  2. These people should all get together and file a lawsuit forcing Exxon to
    buy their properties at pre oil spill market price plus compensation for
    moving costs and medical treatment. 

  3. what a desolate looking shithole, the spill is probably the most
    interesting thing to have happened there in years.

  4. UserAboveMeIsAFaggot

    Imagine if this took place in Russia, it would be plastered all over US
    media outlets. Yahoo is rapidly bashing Russia although i am surprised to
    see Americans defending Putin in the comments, even Americans are getting
    tired of their media spewing outrageous lies.

  5. Collateral Damage. Every single time a Fucking Disaster like this
    happens,the Oil companies Tell us that it is collateral damage. like we are
    disposable shit that do not serve any propuse whatsoever… there goes the
    Carieban,the Pacific Ocean,that Sinkhole in Louisiana(i did not forget
    that… and maybe it’s still growing…),and tons and tons of oil spilled
    in alaska. hell,even in Brazil we had such disasters,but nothing in the
    Hellish Propotion you guys have on the land of Uncle Sam,For cryin’ out
    loud. it’s like everywhere you transport your oil,you’re so disastrous that
    you spill every single blob of oil you have… this is just unbelievable…
    how can you guys be the one who spend and needs most oil on the world if
    you waste so much of if with shit like this?! we should stop sending oil to
    you so you learn how to take care of it correctly… bunch of corporate

  6. Well. it pales in comparison to a White Genocide, done via a 3rd world
    immigration to EVERY White country and only White country.

  7. thats really sad for the people that lived there. more pitchforks and
    torches for outside the white house, i’m sure. ows might end up looking
    like a school picnic before long.

  8. The US drowning in its own shit!

  9. These oil spills are being done on purpose now so the people can be slowly
    herded into the areas the American government want them in. When the grand
    finale comes and the Police state is completely sprung on the people they
    will be easy to deal with if you catch my drift. The same intention is
    apparent with the fracking issue. “Wake up” my American brothers and
    sisters and make a stand before it’s too late.

  10. The US : estimated $89billion made from interest on Payday Loans ( on the
    backs of working stiffs ) more oil spills to come and The 1% don’t give a
    shit about any of this . It’s like something from old Europe , shut up and
    serve The King and The Rich .

  11. Why don’t the news agencies in our own country mention this? Oh that’s
    right they are owned by the very criminals who control this shit!

  12. I really hate that Gayane reporter… the way she talks, it just has this
    awkward flow to it.

  13. Tar sands*

  14. If Exxon is so confident the area is clean then they should have no trouble
    greasing the wheel here and purchase the homes that are for sale until a
    real buyer can be found.
    I mean it’s all clean and ready for kids right?
    Hey Exxon, you can move the execs into a new private community.

  15. Barrels of Trouble: Mayflower oil spill impaired people’s health, made area

  16. I’ve been saying this since the 1970s: the oil capitalists rule the Western
    world (and therefore the rest of the world), and their product is toxic and
    unnecessary (watch “Who Killed The Electric Car”, Sony Pictures DVD).

    The Oil Elite (like the Elite generally) do not care about the rest of us,
    even those of us who live in the same country as them. They have no
    national loyalty – they have and will do deals with Islamic terrorists (the
    Bin Laden family in Saudi Arabia).

    All they care about is getting more money and power for themselves. They
    worship Mammon.

  17. UseTheNewRules AndTermsContra

    No can’t trust a letter from oligarchy. 

  18. LOL, when will man learn ?

  19. 2 Thessalonians 3:3
    New King James Version (NKJV)
    3 But the Lord is faithful, who will establish you and guard you from the
    evil one.

  20. Where’s Captain Planet when you need him….

  21. Using oil is like pumping your used toilet water into your kitchen. Where
    are the electric cars??? It is obvious the oil companies are running the
    federal government and making them keep the wars going because war uses
    lots of taxpayer paid oil and fossil fuels making those fat pigs richer
    while those blood suckers bleed us dry. I do not feel sorry for those
    people in Arkansas because that is nothing compared to what the oil
    companies do poor people in other countries. That is what you get for
    letting your consumer based society wallow in ignorance while those
    corporations plunder the world leaving a poisonous oil soaked landscape in
    their wake. Where is the outrage??? What is wrong with my fellow American
    public??? Wake up you idiots, ignorance in no way will protect you from
    it’s consequences nor will it help you when you are facing your quickly
    coming oil soaked judgement day.

  22. It seems they just keep using these pipe lines until they break. Everything
    wears out, it’s only a matter of time. So all pipe lines will break like
    this soon or later. 

  23. funny that the oil from these planned pipelines is going to be sold to
    China – not a drop goes to benefit the US public.

  24. Sue em!

  25. These are the people who cheered Sarah Palin when she said, “Drill baby,
    drill!”, so I have little pity for them. 

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