1. Baj do you take breaks from c4

  2. real men can mix them, it says so under the asterisk*

  3. jesus christ i would have a heart attack if i took that much pre-workout. i
    take 1 & 1/2 scoops of Cellucor C4 and that gets me all jacked & tingley

  4. Thanks for the diet tips! I’d usually say I’m starting tomorrow but… I’m
    starting now! Also picked up some weights from the store!

  5. I do almost the same thing except I have 1/3 cup plain oatmeal with 4 eggs
    and ground cinnamon for breakfast

  6. Baj, eating at night is not something you want to do. When you go to sleep,
    your brain shuts down processes in your body that it deems not vital at
    that moment. This includes food digestion.

  7. Hey.. Anyone know if thats the right song in the description cuz for some
    reason i dont think its the same. Sry to bother. Btw love the vids baj!

  8. Sonja Atanaskovic

    Cut the video! Im gonna cut mah wife xD..dat look lol So funny and
    charismatic ahahaha

  9. Sonja Atanaskovic

    me too,laughed like crazy xD he`s too funny

  10. lol where’d you hear this from? I would like to laugh at your source please.

  11. fking hillbilly voice of yours xD

  12. I manage to do it! If you really want it, you’ll find a way! Could hit the
    gym before work (get up really early) or directly after work before dinner.
    Bring some good food for lunch at work and make sure to get plenty of sleep!

  13. Yeah. ._.

  14. I don’t think that even makes sence

  15. how many calories did you take when you were bulking? and how many do you
    take know? thanks love your videos :))

  16. Way to go man, sounds like you’re doing great! 😀 Keep it up 🙂

  17. Thanks a lot, dear Bajheera! 😛

  18. Wow, you responded twice on 1 video to me! I’m honored! 😛

  19. jenny, keep your hair down, looks better

  20. Thanks so much for the gym videos Baj, they’re always great and inspiring!

  21. I cant get enough of them chicken boobs, but Baj do you ever mix the rice
    with the chicken and make like a chicken terriaki bowl or is terriaki
    something I shouldnt be having?

  22. wife background noises! lol… EXERCISE!!!!! (thrash metal dancing!)

  23. Why does bajheera not get that many views? He’s a BEAST!

  24. Bajh, if you use C4, swirl the shaker. Dont shake it.

  25. how you keep working out .. and gaming .. this 2 things i cant do together

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