Athletes regularly work out in preparation for competitions and sports meets. How would regular exercise…?

How would regular exercise and warm-ups affect their pulse rate?

cardiovascular exercises

Heart rate for endurance athletes has a baseline of about 30 while at rest, compared to about 60 for most people.

At high levels of training, their heart rate may get up to around 190+. For most conditioning it hovers around 150 for as long as 2+ hours depending on the sport. Above about 165 their body starts producing lactic acid due to anaerobic energy production (due to lack of enough oxygen). Lactic Acid will slow down the muscles and cause fatigue.

Warm ups will just get the muscles warm and flexible and have little effect on heart rate.

When I was in great shape for triathlon racing my heart rate in the morning was 35. If it ever above 35 in the morning then I knew my body was still in “recovery mode”.

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