1. focus, willpower, motivation, moderation and you will get far to being
    healthy beauty is in the eye of the beholder, if you feel good, think you
    look well in whatever you choose to wear, feel good about your healthy
    lifestyle, then that is all that really matters

  2. I wonder what David So thinks about this vid? XD

  3. your awesome 🙂 <3

  4. ASK ARDEN: Where is a great place to shop for cute clothes but at an
    affordable price?

  5. ask arden / hey is there any way that you can keep in touch with me over
    the cellphone?

  6. ASK ARDEN: can you share your testimony??

  7. ASK ARDEN: How did you choose to follow modeling? Was it a dream of yours
    from the start or was it an opportunity that came to you gradually? For a
    lot of teens out there, like myself, I feel like looking towards the future
    is confusing and sometimes frustrating. If you could, would you please
    share your story with us?

  8. Ask Arden: do you still send out autograph headshot if we donate?

  9. Ask Arden: What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

  10. U should totally be a counselour.

  11. Ask Arden: this has confused me a lot, but, how did a psychology major Dec
    to go into the entertainment industry?

  12. Ask Arden: Should dating be avoided if you are just entering college?

  13. @ShengYu1995 hmmm…that makes more sense now…lol. kinda thought she
    applied her psychological personalities she made up into different roles
    she had to play and it was so much fun that she kept doing it.

  14. what is ur daily workout?

  15. omgosh starting with a sob story

  16. Speechless…thanks so much for your words! Your gorgeous like always and
    you are my role model! I hope one day i will be able to meet you!

  17. I met Arden a few days ago and she is honestly the sweetest girl~! I’m such
    a square.. I went up to her asking for a picture and I told her she looked
    really pretty. She told me that she thought that there’s beauty in all of
    us. She’s such a great role model <3

  18. BerryAdelineBombshel

    omg as soon as you said you went to korea and people told you to loose
    weight i was like STORY OF MY LIFE> lmao xD i came to visit this summer to
    see family since im half korean everyone said to lose weight cuz there
    girls are so small built here lol T^T but thanks to that im now going to
    “get healthy” dont like the word diet. lol my goal is to visit next year
    allot slimmer so i can fit into all there depressing free size clothing

  19. Lol omg im never goingto korea

  20. I love how I’m watching this while eating :’)

  21. I just came across your channel and you really are awesome… I thank you
    for this video… I’m in university (21 years) and struggle with my weight
    since years…I always want to loose weight but university (and in the past
    the school) is stressing me so much that I barely even have enough strenght
    to exercise…sure I managed to loose a little bit of weight but still I’m
    too curvy… but your words are so sweet and beautiful that it actually
    made me happy… you are a great person♥ thank you♥

  22. where’d you get your necklace? i’ve been looking for one for forever!

  23. You’re awesome…

  24. 언니 십자가 목걸이 어디서 샀어요?

  25. I can see you have a very good faith and mentality. You are beautiful
    inside and out.

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