Are Fat Burners Useful for Weight Loss or for Getting “ripped”?

If you are considering fat burning supplements there is not really too much information to contend with, thankfully. Fat burners don’t do much on their own. If you do everything right the good versions do give an enhanced fat loss effect – there is no arguing about that – but you would have lost the weight anyway (if you were doing everything right with your diet and exercise).

If your diet and exercise programme is poor fat burners wont work at all.

Weight Loss

Fat burners are especially effective when you combine a good diet programme with heavy weight training and a high amount of cardiovascular exercise.

Be aware that there is a risk with many effective fat burners of raising blood pressure. They are stimulants and are not healthy for the heart and circulation. Never use them long term and don’t use them regularly (year in and year out).

I would suggest fat burners only for competitive bodybuilders preparing for a competition. The general public have no business using them because you would be able to get lean without them if they were going to work for you, anyway. Bodybuilders can get that fine muscle definition for a competition using fat burners, but that is short termist and the majority of people get no benefit from being in great shape for just a few weeks.

Remember, those of us who will benefit from using fat burners would be able to get into good shape without them. The fat burners would only add a 2% or 3% advantage to such individuals so it’s not worth any potential health risks.

I hope that helps with general information. Sorry, I can’t advise on actual brands of fat burners.

Idai Makaya

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