Any personal trainers out there to customize a workout for my body type?

I am a bottom heavy female. I am smaller at the top, but still have a “muffin” top and would like to tone my arms and make them smaller, flatten my stomach, and lose weight in my thighs, hips, buttocks. If there any personal trainers, could you suggest a workout for me and what machines to use? Preferbly, I would like a 3 day week workout if possible…Thanks!

It sounds like you need more than 3 days. 3 days is the minimum to maintain your current level of fitness. Why not try Mon-Fri for 30 min? Fast walking, jogging, ellipse machine, treadmill, stationery bike….. just pick something and go as fast as you can without hurting yourself for 30 minutes. Give it 2 months and see what happens, By easter/spring break, you should notice a change. Either you look different, or your clothes are big. Sit ups every day….at least 20 per day. Add more as the 20 get easier. Good luck

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