1. as a vegetarian for 17 years I felt much better. After eating meat again I
    felt worse and less healthy

  2. In modern society, no, meat is not entirely necessary (eggs and fish
    however should preferably always be included). In developing countries and
    in nature, however, it is very much the only way you can easily obtain all
    necessary amino acids and enough calories. Trust me, put any vegan in the
    jungle enough to survive on his own or with a tribe, and they will
    eventually be eating meat or die.

    However, for anyone living in America, for example, it is pretty easy to
    get a wide variation of vegetables and fruits, and even harder to actually
    spend calories.

    The problem, of course, is that people in developed countries eat more meat
    than they ever should, in part because of our natural drive to seek calorie
    and amino acid rich meat.

    All in all, Balance is best. See DNews’ video on the Mediterranean Diet.

  3. I eat meat but I would be happy to see it grown in a vat.

  4. Reality people; live in it.

  5. I can’t avoid meat. It’s already a hassle for me to make a meal without
    bread, pasta or potatoes. Animal products are simply an ingredient I can’t
    miss. I however do support research that makes genetically modified meat.

  6. What a bunch of goons

  7. I tried going vegan but I exercise at least 1.5 hours per day almost every
    day. I started wasting away, losing muscle, losing strength, and losing
    energy rather quickly. I cannot see anyone that puts in daily exercise
    living vegan unless they take a shit load of supplements and/or
    steroids/pro-hormones. In the wild we would be using meat as a primary food
    source; I’d rather stick to my biology.

  8. I firmly enjoy these recent videos involving veganism, vegetarianism etc.
    Just hearing it makes me happy as I think it’s a very legitimate diet. I’m
    a pescetarian essentially which means that I’m an ovo-lacto that still
    allows for fish products as recent studies suggest they don’t have the
    nerve fibres in their brains that are what mammals have which produce pain.
    So with the health benefits, their very low awareness, and no sense of
    pain, it seems worthwhile to do occasionally. I don’t eat fish maybe more
    than 1 serving per week, but I’m open to eating it when offered. I mostly
    am vegan in that I don’t typically buy/consume any animal products. I think
    that people stop eating meat for many legitimate reasons concerning health,
    and environmentalism, and even for monetary reasons – look into how much
    meat is subsidized with your tax dollars, I’m sure you won’t be happy,
    especially when you compare it to other food industries which shows people
    are taking your money and giving it to others making an uncompetitive
    market that is screwing you and everyone else so hard. Anyways, great vids,
    huge topic, it’s the future, just have fun with it and have meat on
    occasion when it’s really worth doing 🙂 

  9. Another vegan faggot talk. Hey vegans! Look at your 3rd upper tooth!

  10. We have canines for a reason!!!

  11. There is a huge battle in the comments vegetarian vs. non-vegitarian but
    the comment section is for comments on the video not your personal life
    preferences and ps. I don’t think anything you say in the comments will
    change anyone’s life if you want to be vegetation good for you if not good
    for you to

  12. If you eat only dairy and eggs, but no other products, you are a serious
    vegatarian, not a beginner. Good for you. If that’s what you want, cool. 

  13. I’ve been vegetarian my whole life (ovo-lacto) and I don’t find it
    difficult–maybe because I’ve never known any different. 🙂 I find it more
    difficult to avoid things that contain GMOs and vegetable oil, both of
    which are in just about EVERYTHING and that I want to avoid.

  14. coconut juice. my dad heard that coco juice will make my legs hurt when I’m

  15. Great, more reasons for vegans to be assholes to people who choose to eat
    meat. They always talk about alternatives to meat and/or dairy products,
    yet they forget that you probably need to eat a fuckton of the alternative
    or the alternative tastes like shit and can’t be enjoyed in the same way
    that the meat or dairy product is.

  16. Humans will never go and should not go vegan ever, and by humans I mean as
    a species(or future humans), if you as an individual want to then it is

  17. I think diet is so relative, and the fact we spend time arguing over it is
    such a waste of ones time. If you want to be vegan, be vegan, if you don’t,
    then don’t, if you want to fall in between, by all means fall. Just can we
    stop arguing over these issues, its getting a little passe; don’t you

  18. i would rather have this explained by somebody who’s nutral on the subject
    stating in advance that you are a vegetarian makes the whole story

  19. Great…Just great.

  20. Tried going without pork for a month and then went back to eating it. I got
    a headache out of this world as well as heart burn. We don’t need it to
    survive and thrive. There are plenty protein/plant based foods out there.
    People are just so addicted to their meats and scream like babies when you
    talk bad about their addiction. 

  21. Cooked meat evolved our brains from primates. Your efforts will need more
    then just those words. More facts and we’re you got them.

  22. dont read the comments guys

  23. I don’t eat mammals

  24. I <3 meat

  25. Whoever brings up the, “plants are alive, too”, argument would fit right in
    with the “male rights activists”.

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