Andropause – The Real Truth About Male Menopause!

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The Male Menopause!

Trouble sleeping, feeing tired (fatigue), irritability and hot flashes are all associated with women when they are starting, or going through menopause.  But did you know that these are also common symptoms in men?  Andropause, also known as IMS (irritable male syndrome), is more common than you think.

The Symptoms

  • Waning or expired sex drive
  • Feeling old and constantly tired
  • Wimpy erections
  • Depression or feelings of malaise
  • Sagging energy
  • Failing eyesight
  • Sallow skin and increasing wrinkles
  • Brain fog & concentration lapses
  • Increased flabbiness, trouble building or keeping muscle tone
  • Cranky irrational moods

Most of us know or have heard of menopause.  We associate this with women getting older.  But did you know that men also suffer from a similar fate?  Women know and expect it, but men will take the common symptoms and “blame” them on something else.   Andropause, is a condition that many men experience, but very few know about.  While it’s not the same ending result as menopause in women, many of outlying results are the same.  Most men will not even know there is something wrong until they experience a loss of their libido. Click Here! for information on how to get your life back!.



Basically androgens are a group of hormones that primarily influence the male reproductive system.  From birth to old age, androgens have a huge impact on your life.
Androgen can be either a natural or artificial steroid.  Male sex hormones like testosterone are androgens.  When a male starts to enter andropause, androgen   hormones start to slow down on their production.  It’s not just loss of libido that you need to be concerned about.  Any decline in your body’s ability to produce the needed hormones it needs, can lead to other more dangerous outcomes.

While andropause is still being researched, the studies that they have done have shown that is can increase a man’s risk of osteoporosis, and has been considered to be linked to  Alzheimer’s.

Causes of Andropause:

Other than the gradual decline of a man’s body producing certain hormones, there are little known factors that can also cause the early onset of andropause.  Excessive female hormone stimulation is one. That’s right, men that are in an environment that is predominantly women will often experience the early onset of andropause.  Certain occupations are also known to cause a faster rate of male hormone production.  Health problems, such as diabetes, can also be linked.

What Can You Do?

Talk to your doctor.  Knowing that there can be more than one cause for a man to start losing his libido is important.  Before you think that you need a prescription for E.D., make sure your doctor is aware of all of your symptoms.  Hormone therapy is an alternative and has minor side effects.  Vitamins and exercise can also help relieve symptoms of andropause.


Many experts believe this is a greatly under-diagnosed, often times leading to severe consequences.  Men are now starting to talk about their problems more openly, even if it is only with their doctors.  Write down everything you’re experiencing.  Include your diet and exercise routines.  While it may be embarrassing, it would be quite useful to include a record of your intimacy.  If you’re noticing any sort of decline in your performance, a doctor needs to know this.

There is help out there.  More research is being done everyday.  Before you just assume that you have Erectile Dysfunction, take some time and ask questions as to why.  E.D. is caused by something, it is a symptom.   A proper diet and regular exercise can help immensely.  Getting a good night’s sleep can help clear your mind.  It’s not easy to combat these symptoms, but recognizing them is your first step to getting your life back. Ready to get started….Click Here!


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