An Introduction To Nicotine Addiction

by Gail Browser
(California, USA)

Smoking is a vice that plagues many people. Initially, when you start smoking, you might enjoy the high, the increased alertness, the slight buzz you get from your cigarette, but as time goes on, the more you smoke, the less pleasurable the effects are. When you become addicted to smoking, every time you light up a cigarette, all you are doing is relieving the symptoms of withdrawal!.

The symptoms of nicotine withdrawal or cold turkey as it is also known range from feelings of insomnia and restlessness, to paranoia and a very short temper. When you smoke, you put these feelings at bay, and yet you descend further and further into a vicious cycle.

People become addicted to cigarettes because they continually strive to combat the withdrawal symptoms that occur when they cease smoking. If you are addicted to smoking, you can probably justify each cigarette as being genuinely pleasurable, but it’s more likely that you are just enjoying the experience of relieving the anxiety caused by your withdrawal.

People start smoking for many reasons, but whatever the reasons, nicotine usually finds a way to get hold of them over time, Nicotine is highly addictive, but there is more to people smoking than just nicotine addiction.

Many people begin smoking sporadically, but eventually build up to smoking more regularly. School children smoke to look cool in front of their peers; social smokers puff cigarettes to join in with a group; some people smoke while drinking alcohol; and others just do it when they have nothing else to do.

Once you start smoking more regularly, it become increasingly difficult to stop. The more your brain learns to associate smoking with certain situations, the more likely you will be to smoke when repeat situations arise. Couple this with a growing dependency on nicotine and you have a problem.

For example, many smokers smoke most when they are feeling stressed.Smoking combats nicotine withdrawal and can lead to feelings of relief and euphoria. Other people smoke when they feel insecure, under pressure or bored. In the future, when such situations arise, it feels natural to smoke. It’s the same with smoking after a meal: it becomes a habit, and the habit is difficult to break!.

The more you smoke, the less pleasurable it really is, and the more difficult it is to break the cycle. Have the will power to quit your nicotine habit today!

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Updated: November 22, 2015 — 12:36 am

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