An Animal-Friendly Diet!

by Babs ‘O’ Reilly
(Miami Beach, Florida, USA)

If you listen to the news, you know that dieting is as much about fads and celebrities as it is about actual nutrition. However, if you are planning to begin a new diet and attempting to choose between the many options, don’t forget about one of the oldest diets–the vegetarian diet.

People choose a vegetarian diet for a variety of reasons. Some simply feel morally opposed to eating animals and animal products.

Others want a diet that is healthy for their body type and find this in a vegetarian diet. Still others are simply hopping on the bandwagon.

Whatever your reason for beginning a vegetarian diet, you should understand it and consult a doctor before making this diet a part of your lifestyle, so that you can be sure you are keeping your body healthy and happy.

There are many different kinds of diets that fall under the “vegetarian” umbrella. Most people start with a mild form, which cuts out all forms of beef and pork, and eventually phase out poultry, fish, eggs, and anything including products that were once alive.

Some vegetarians also phase out animal products that don’t directly involve the killing of animals, such as milk and milk products (like cheese and ice cream). The slowly evolving vegetarian diet is preferred by doctors and most people so that the body has time to adjust to a new diet.

If you decide to try the vegetarian diet, remember that you will need to replace the protein that your body usually gets when it eats meat. Meat is not the only source of protein, so you can also try other food sources, such as peanuts, or non-food sources–vitamins.

It is essential for you to get all the nutrients your body needs, so be sure to consult a doctor or nutritionist before beginning your vegetarian diet.

Of course, some people find it difficult to give up foods like milk and meat for a new vegetarian life style because our diets normally include many animal products. Never fear–many replacements are available to those wishing to try this new diet.

Soy is a product used by most as a replacement, and in many cases, soy production has become so high quality that you cannot tell the difference. You can also try vegetable products to replace meat products.

Changing your diet is a big step in life, so consider your options wisely before making a final choice. If you want to try a vegetarian diet, remember to continue eating enough protein in your daily life so that your body has all the nutrients it needs to operate.

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Updated: May 27, 2013 — 2:09 am

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