1. You go to North Korea, you go to Syria, you go to Iran, you go to Iraq…

    then you want to bitch and waste our tax dollars getting your dumb ass out
    of trouble ?

    Too bad, bucko.

  2. Mr.Obama, do something for once… 

  3. I don’t feel sorry for this girl. You don’t go into N.Korea and push your
    Christian agenda. It’s against the law there. They don’t like those
    religious cults. Hard labor for that shit.

  4. Sounds A LOT like an American jail. Worried about your health and whether
    or not you’ll get your medicine…

  5. Shouldn’t have made trouble over there.

  6. He must of been aware of the restrictions in DPRK and made a personal
    choice to go against them. Christian fundamentalist’s sometimes think they
    have some type of divine power that protects them from getting caught, well
    they don’t. When choosing to travel you obey the laws/rules/custom’s of
    that country or you don’t travel there. 

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