Alternative Medicine – How Olive Oil Is A Natural Cure Elixir

by Ben Rogers
(Tucson, Arizona, USA)

In this day and age it is common for us to take supplements to enhance our daily intake of nutrients.

But sometimes this is done at the risk of not taking advantage of all the natural food ingredients we can include in our diet as natural cures that can even be potent enough to call an alternative medicine.

Some of the ingredients we use in our daily cooking can truly amaze you when you learn how potent they are to improve your health – like a true elixir!

By the same token, as you get older, there are just some things you need to avoid. You can no longer be as carefree as you once were. Junk food should be eaten at a minimum, and overly oily and fatty foods should be avoided whenever possible.

So with most health and weight conscious people, the term oil can sometimes send people running the other way. People often think of it as the enemy. On the contrary, there are some oils that are actually very good for your body.

Olive oil, for one, is extremely good for you. When it comes to your health, olive oil should always be your ally. And because of the new knowledge about healthy fats and oils, people are now opting for products that come from the earth’s bounty.

Whatever you take in, it seems as if Mother Nature has provided everyone with everything they need. When you get to know the benefits of olive oil, you’ll make sure that you have it always at home.

Why have many people opted to go natural? It’s because these products are better for the planet. Some of these can actually be more expensive, but the benefits you’ll reap are worth the extra cost.

You rid your body of harmful toxins that can eventually wreak havoc to your system. The compound effect can actually be deadly.

Olive oil has been around for quite some time now and has been used for a variety of needs: cooking, healing, and beautifying. Experts everywhere are now seeing just how remarkable this oil can be.

It can actually extend your life because of its anti-aging and antioxidant properties. So, the next time you fry your food or choose a dressing for your salad, choose olive oil. Aside from being healthy, it also adds an interesting taste to your meals. While butter is tasty, this can actually be better.

Olive oil is the elixir of life because it does improve your health in so many ways. The thing is, people just assume that the oil can just be taken internally. Of course, that’s not its only purpose.

Olive oil can also be used externally. If you looked at a number of organic based medicines and beauty products, you will see that a number of them actually contain this oil in their list of ingredients. If you doubt this, go to any health shop and check out the products.

People have also used olive oil to clear the unwanted cholesterol from their bodies and improve their heart’s health. Olive oil contains bountiful amounts of antioxidants such as chlorophyll, carotenoids, vitamin E, and phenols.

It actually limits the amount of cholesterol buildup in the arteries and acts like a broom that sweeps away all toxins. Several researches suggest that two tablespoons per day can be very good for everyone.

When considering adding this to your diet, the extra virgin olive oil can be the best type to choose. It may be slightly pricier, but the added cost is worth the benefits you reap.

In any household, it is essential that you keep a bottle of olive oil around. It protects you heart from bad cholesterol, thus you feel younger and keep that radiant glow on your skin.

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Updated: December 26, 2013 — 9:22 pm

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