1. this was good i am an alocholic

  2. That’s a real inspiration.

  3. Baby… I pray you watch this. I really DO care!!! I just don’t know how to
    help? Only YOU can change YOU…. “Don’t leave before the miracle

  4. I am quitting drinking. I took a picture of myself, and realized im
    beautiful, with a sad looking face. booze is a downer. Booozers are looser.
    I am not a looser.

  5. excellent worker!

  6. pleiadians were here

  7. pleiadians will help you stop

  8. that black woman seems so happy about it all, shes just smiling thinking
    “DAMM! I Had some good times!

  9. alcoholism is a serious thing see what our ministries can do for you

  10. I really respect these women. They are working hard to turn their life in a
    positive direction.

  11. @azonmymind Just a quick note in the case you check back to this thread….
    A few weeks ago a got a card from my husband, it said, “I know I might not
    say it all the time, but I’m so happy with what you’re doing. This day
    isn’t just the day you quit drinking, it’s the anniversary of the day I got
    my wife back. I love you.” I hope you can give a card to your wife just
    like this someday soon. 🙂

  12. my wife is in denial about her addiction. the awful thing is not only her
    denial but her family is in denial. she has everyone hating me for trying
    to get her sober. this is so hard.

  13. This is a very serious issue that needs to be addressed. Thank you.

  14. i am watching this becuz i have a project

  15. I read an article the other day that said “if you drink every day you are
    an alcoholic” thank god I only drink every night

  16. @Gorillazfreak18 good! might save the health services a bit of dough

  17. alcohol is imo the opinione the absoulte WORST drug to be legal. the way it
    masks human insecurities and gives confidence while at the same time slowly
    corroding every organ in your body. and then people make the alcoholic feel
    like a degenerate scumbag even though the stuff is addictive, cheap and
    fucking everywhere! ludicrous society we live in

  18. FOR HELP http://www.gatscounselling.com

  19. Alcohol has such a debilitating affect on so many people but the
    governments of the world won’t do anything because they make so much money
    from it.

  20. 🙂

  21. My wife and I need some help. Our daughter 37 is an alcoholic. Has been in
    rehab’s 4 times’. Could somebody help us please. My e mail is
    silverschmiedt@telkosa.net Thanks if anybody can we will greatly appreciate
    it. Kind regards. Wynand.

  22. why the hell isnt there anything for men and alcohol?! this is despicable
    the way everyone focuses on women’s issues! Men die on average 6 years

  23. My mom was an alcoholic,when dad allowed her around us boys she used to go
    into drunken rages.

  24. 1, animal smarter than human 2, animal don’t drink alcohol 3, human drink
    alcohol curse them self like what brain,heart,lunge,
    stomach,liver,intestine just like pig because pig eat dirty stuff like own
    poop idiot some human eat than too

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