1. Author A.J. Jacobs’ books include “The Know-it-All,” “My Life as an
    Experiment” and “The Year of Living Biblically.”

    He spent a year as a full-fledge health nut. He applied nearly every piece
    of health living advice he heard — everything from wearing a bike helmet
    while watering plants to applying enough sunscreen to look like a glazed
    donut. Jacobs shared what he learned on his extended health kick at TEDMED.

    “We can become healthier by learning from AJ’s discomfort in this very
    funny book. He moves us from theory to practice by dragging his body
    through all the longevity practices.”—Dr. Mehmet Oz, host, “The Dr. Oz Show”

  2. A.J. Jacobs’ writings stand at the intersection of philosophy, Gonzo
    journalism and performance art. Stubbornly curious and slyly perceptive, he
    takes immersive learning to its irrational and profoundly amusing extreme
    — extracting wisdom and meaning after long stints as a self-styled guinea
    pig. For his widely circulated Esquire article, My Outsourced Life, he
    explored the phenomenon of outsourcing by hiring a team in Bangalore, India
    to take care of every part of his life — from reading his emails to
    arguing with his wife to reading bedtime stories to his own son. A previous
    article, I Think You’re Fat, chronicled a brief, cringe-inducing attempt to
    live his life in Radical Honesty, telling all the truth, all the time.

    Jacobs is author of The Know-It-All, which documents the year he spent
    reading the Encyclopedia Britannica from A to Z, uncovering both funny and
    surprising factoids but also poignant insight into history and human
    nature. In 2007 he released The Year of Living Biblically, he attempted to
    follow every single rule in the Bible as literally as possible for an
    entire year. His latest book, My Life as an Experiment, is a collection of
    numerous personal experiments including living according to George
    Washington’s rules of conduct, outsourcing every single task to India, and
    posing as a woman on an online dating site.

    “A. J. Jacobs has written about the Bible in a manner that is brilliantly
    funny but unerringly respectful, learned but goofy, deeply personal yet
    highly relevant. I am covetous and wish him smited.”

    Mary Roach, author, Bonk

  3. Funny package, no content.

  4. I just thought…why am I watching this all the way almost to the end?

  5. This video is actually very important. So much of what society is focused
    on is what is healthy, how to avoid cancer, how to lose weight, etc. The
    real way to be healthy is to be happy. Do what you want. That’s not to say
    smoking meth is good for you but just let go of your stress. Life is too
    short to waste trying to make it longer.

  6. yeah

  7. noise impairs cognition – TED blasts volume to the max at the end of the

  8. The fuck is a knee pushup?

  9. Lost 175 Lbs combined!! My twin brother and I have went raw vegan and now
    feel better then ever. Check out our YouTube channel you will love it! All
    we want to do is motivate, inform and inspire! Lets transform together!!

  10. That’s when you do pushup, but you only exercise knees.. 😉

  11. As one who moonlights as a personal trainer, I completely sympathize.

  12. Защо трябва да купим Acer от www.Notebook.bg?
  13. i think he mean squating

  14. a push up when you are on your knees instead of your feet

  15. They’re obese because they do not care? With the same laziness (which you
    assume is the cause of obesity) you used for your message, I’m gonna
    comment your message by labeling you as an idiot, ignorant, relentless

  16. LMFAO the helmet part was a real treat, what a fucker!

  17. Are you fat?

  18. I totally agree, & that’s why I think everyone should smoke dope, bang old
    ladies & work at KFC

  19. You went off the rails at the end. People fail to improve their diet and
    exercise (which they know deep down to be beneficial) for lots of different
    reasons–like depression, anxiety, low self esteem, poverty, abusive
    relationships, stress, eating disorders, bullying, abuse, cultural and
    familial behaviors, and confounding illnesses. It’s much better to support
    people to overcome their psychological and physical blocks than assume they
    are lazy and criticize them.

  20. This was a TED speak? More like a 20 minute commercial to buy his book LOL!
    Which doesn’t look all that interesting, more lame reality crap now in book

  21. fuck my farthole! dammit what?

  22. Olive gArden butthole

  23. 10 years of exercise and eating right and he looks like this? come on you
    know he probably ate a few hundred burgers and pizzas and spent a few
    weekends sleeping instead of hitting the treadmill.

  24. Right because people are just lazy if they decide they’d rather enjoy their
    food and sacrifice their health (which won’t even affect them until their
    50’s) then give up one of the few things that is actually enjoyable in this
    shit hole we call life.

  25. Reading an entire encyclopedia will not make you smart. Smart is a mindset,
    it’s not about memorizing facts. You think Albert Einstein read the entire
    Encyclopedia Britannica? Also, in the same way, following every rule in the
    Bible will not make you spiritual, it will just make you crazy. There is
    nothing “healthy” about the guy this guy was living. This is just dumb and

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