After a workout, would muscles rather use stored fat, or something

Stored fat is a part of your body. The method by which your body uses stored fat is called catabolism. The fat cells in your body remain at a constant number. They don’t increase or decrease. Rather, they shrink or grow. When your body catabolises fat cells, it is essentially eating itself. Your body will only do this if there is no other source of energy available.

Your body uses quick energy first. Sugars, then carbohydrates, then protiens. Only when these are depleted is fat converted to energy. You will know when you have depleted your quick energy, because you will have an overwhelming desire to stop what you’re doing and eat, then sleep.

If and when this happens, you should do just that. Forcing your body to burn fat on the spot is unhealthy.

Weight loss should be gained by creating a calorie deficit in your diet. Through proper eating and exercise you can force your body to consume small amounts of fat throughout the day.

Trying to burn fat directly is a bad idea. Always eat a light snack an hour before and after you exercise.

I seem to have rambled on. I hope this helps.

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