1. …And the “natural” phone number of the dealer of this “natural” athletes
    They are as natural as the Coca-Cola.
    Anyone who trains everyday at the gym know this.

  2. All of you guys saying natural (FAKE) STFU! There all natural! So stop
    being fucken jealous! Stop saying YEAH! THATS COOL, I WANNA BE THIS OR

  3. Very Inspirational. But a gym that let’s people workout with no Shirt

  4. It would be a shame for you not to get ripped when these other people
    accomplish it easily with Max Muscle Method (check it out on Google).

  5. hahahaha natural my foot man, those aesthetics are not achievable
    naturally, no way and only people who train will know this. I call BS! Yall
    look awesome by the way so I am not hating at all, just a lil annoyed that
    you think you can all of us on a ride.

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    weights and can send workout data instantly to your phone. It’s like fitbit
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  7. Gay…. Im a bodybuilder myself. Not hating on yall,but thats with the help
    of supps & any enhance performance boosters. So not natural girls… €
    =======( )( )

  8. My ass, proteins calling, there is no way a body can naturally be muscled
    like this… 🙂

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  10. 90% posing
    10% Training

    100% not natty

  11. natural ….LOL

  12. Please wipe the equipment when done lads, cheers.

  13. NATURAL lol kkkkkkkkk jajajajaja hsdhshshsh rsrsrsrs

  14. nothing better that water and chicken breast..

  15. These guys have extremely impressive physics that took lots of time and
    dedication to acquire. However they are not even close to natural. Not one
    of these guys is natural. If you have any experience with ergogenic aids
    its easy to tell. I am doing my masters in PEDs and i have never seen
    anyone that is natural with anything close to what these guys have.

  16. +Amirg44444 Please elaborate.

  17. Natural my ass!

  18. Can I ask for your timetable or your weekly routine

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  20. “natural”

  21. maybe it is possibole to gain such a Physicue naturally, cuz those guys
    have only 2-5% body fat…….

  22. how many of them are “full time” bouncers at bars?

  23. TheOrignalGuyAndrews

    No lie… Lex looks like he does (or could do) gay porn… Not to be rude
    or anything… Make that money if you do man…

    No homo?


  24. this is called a decent build of muscle from a few dedicated years and then
    extreme strict dieting leading to unhealthy body fat percentages. like
    seriously none of these guys are that big at all, like compare then next to
    an admitted roid user

  25. John William Jr. South

    I claim Natty.

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