1. wtf is it about zyzz . Guys like u have no idea about bodybuilding. You
    cant compare zyzz body with one of those at all, in addition he even
    admitted that he was using steroids and for this his body is nothing
    compared to those.

  2. You are just right!

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  4. No saben ni entrenar ciclos i mas ciclos

  5. foda-se filho da puta

  6. Fckn hard work, recovery, diet,small doses of steroids, 8 hrs sleep,, and
    train fuckn hard..did I say that..

  7. jeff seid mi idolo

  8. Damn… Mine too…

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  12. I am the best..!!!

  13. jeff is better than zyzz

  14. Song: F.O.O.L – Krieg

  15. Name of second song??

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  17. Nathaniel Guerreiro

    can you please like my fitness workout video? im new on youtube… thank

  18. and im just here playing Cookie Clicker

  19. Who is zyzz? I know who jeff is.

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  21. Must be nice to be able to go to a gym that allows you to go sans shirt.

  22. Are these guys actually 100% natural?… I got nothin against ppl that r on
    gear but I just wanna know so that I can have real expectations

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