1. Actresses Slam Romney on Abortion, Women’s Health

  2. Actresses Slam Romney on Abortion, Women’s Health

  3. The Fabulous Curkim

    I’m not fucking obligated to care for a child. I’m NOT a parent OR planning
    on it AT ALL. Now, you CAN get a damn good idea of how your child is going
    to turn out. I’m not saying abort for autism or minor issues like missing
    limbs or legs that don’t work. I’m talking issues that will make them
    incapable of EVER having a remotely normal life. I mean things that they
    are so likely to die from within the first five years or less. Problems
    that mean they will need constant care from birth to death.

  4. You do know that most abortions happen in the first trimester when the
    “baby” really is no more than a cluster of cells, right? Also, did you know
    that 1/3 of all pregnancies end in miscarriage with more than half of those
    mothers having no clue that it happened? Why aren’t you crying for all of
    those babies, too?

  5. It is not a bigotry. What composes a person? I do not consider a string of
    cells to be a person. It does not think or feel, it’s just a string of

  6. I despise all those actresses…..They showed their demonic side..

  7. I just don’t think it’s fair for us to end the life of a a potential
    person. Like wat if your parents wanted to abort you? What if the person
    who will cure cancer was aborted so we still have cancer. We shouldn’t
    meddle with things like life and death


  9. The Fabulous Curkim

    Yes, but that IS murder. Abortion…eh, the thing isn’t actually considered
    human until a certain point, and even then it’s basically a parasite.
    Therefore, to letter of law, not actually murder.

  10. The Fabulous Curkim

    No, YOU are a retard taking the sociopath argument out of context. I didn’t
    say abort to avoid the condition. I said children who turn out that way ARE
    living demons. And the argument with vegetarians is legit. It’s an argument
    of values, and shows the contrast of one’s values to another. It’s not
    direct to abortion, it’s direct to the type of discussion.

  11. The Fabulous Curkim

    I don’t HAVE kids, so how the hell am I obligated to care for something
    that does not exist in my life? If I somehow end up getting pregnant and do
    not want to even birth it, fuck you I’m getting an abortion. If I’m not
    taking care of it, I’m not birthing it, and that IS my right to decide. If
    I want them, I’ll care for them. But, I don’t, so it’s called birth
    control. I’m a human being, not a fucking uterus with legs. If birth
    control fails, I will abort it if that’s what I decide.

  12. Abortionist, liberals/Democraps, homosexuals, atheist; they ALL sound the

  13. The Fabulous Curkim

    I’m pro CHOICE. You know, to each their own? I’ll care about my children’s
    wellbeing IF I have them in my life. And honestly, I think a child is
    better off aborted a VAST majority of the time than being shoved into
    adoption or foster care. Again, What I do, none of your damn business. And
    a fetus is NOT considered human until a certain point, so fuck you.

  14. The Fabulous Curkim

    If you keep pushing to FORCE women to ruin their futures because of
    accidents, mistakes and forces out of their control, I’m going to be the
    one walking them to the fucking clinic. I don’t KILL children, I’m TRYING
    to let people have the option of a safe abortion. Key word: OPTION. Not
    gonna hold anyone at gunpoint and make them.

  15. I consider a fetus a human being with life, once it could live on its own
    outside of the womb, until that point it’s not a living creature. What
    happens when a mother finds out that this pregnancy will kill her if she
    continues with it? What then? What if a woman is raped and becomes pregnant
    from her rape, no one has the right to tell her that she has to carry the
    child that was forced upon her without her consent and will just be a
    reminder of one of the worst things that ever happened to her.

  16. The Fabulous Curkim

    I’m 17. I haven’t BEEN to a clinic. I don’t have any business having kids.
    Those people who want an abortion, they will get one that could kill BOTH
    if there isn’t a safe option. You cannot stop a woman from aborting a child
    she does not want if it’s her choice. SAFE abortion SAVES as many lives as
    it ends, and I’d rather save the life and future of the mother over a child
    that has NO connection to the world outside it’s parents.

  17. I believe they all feel sorry now

  18. “War on women?” LOL! These sluts need to stick to things they understand
    – like the correct way to give a bj – and leave the thinking to men.

  19. Uhh man i used to like Scarlet until i saw this….Now i see that she
    should stop trying to be smart 

  20. Liberals, unions, and femenists are ruining the USA, I have no hate against
    women, i support equal rights but femenists groups are filled with insane
    people…i would know because i have spoken to many

  21. I used to be against abortion. BUT now, after much consideration, I am for
    it. I am not God, so who am I to judge another’s bad choices.

    “Child Terminators” have no empathy, generosity, nurturing or mothering
    instincts. Who needs more of them in this sociopathic world? Why do we
    want more of those genes reproducing? They are defective specimens.
    ‘Rosemary’s babies’. They are their own dead ends. Good riddance.

    Why interfere with God’s plan?

    Don’t get me wrong, I am strictly for the principal of “don’t interfere or
    intervene” when it comes to the lesser specimens. Am I upsetting anyone
    with this post?

  22. Ok I get that you all don’t think a string of cells is human. So then
    answer this question for me please: what is it then? What are those cells?
    I want to hear what any pro-abortion, o sorry, I mean pro-choice person has
    to answer.

  23. come on..come on…I know you think she looked like…….s

  24. Men are trying to get control of women’s options in reproduction
    because,Satan’s ILLUMINATTI are racist and classiest, the men are now
    masogenist(sp)? These devil worshipping ELITE men have brainwashing Going
    on through opinions. Screamed out by one side telling the old schoolers
    that our opinions are hate speech. But when they force sexual, drug
    education, private family issues on a first grader. I’m gonna hate their
    message. Not them. home school

  25. They have changed so many laws in Texas.Domestic relations.Changing dynamic
    as if to say that women don’t want husbands or children. And the ones that
    own the media makes fun of the low income homemaker. And the rich
    homemaker.Soccer Mom wasn’t a compliment.And those big Suburbans were
    another dig at women.That automobile dealers sold the husbands for
    safety.Cos u know the little ladies need tanks n case they plow into
    something! Politically correct was another word 4 social

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