1. Same here.. A lot of foods have dairy, I miss chocolate, cheese burgers n
    ice cream 🙁

  2. you seem much more energetic lately! I like it. 🙂

  3. Heather I Need help with staying motivated when I’m surrounded by meat
    eaters. People give me such a hard time.

  4. @jesseybellable Remember, it’s YOUR body, not theirs (the meat eaters you
    are talking about), so don’t listen to them, listen to you and eat healthy

  5. My husband and I finally got clear skin by doing a few different things: we
    went “no-poo” and that made a huge difference in HIS skin… and now we eat
    three or more almonds a day and that cleared MY skin. Yeah.. that’s it.
    Now, I only clean my face with cold cream (aka lotion) and every once in a
    while an oatmeal exfoliation. I can even get away with wearing makeup
    now… which is amazing.

  6. You play piano too! Your going for my heart!

  7. This was really helpful, thank you! I suffer from acne myself and I am now
    even more motivated to cut sugar completely. btw you should wear your hair
    down more often, it looks really nice!

  8. Heather-thank you so much for the excellent information, recipes and
    encouragement you provide! I would LOVE to see you do a video on the topic
    of- ‘How to clean your veggies & fruits’. I am just ramping up my healthier
    ways and find this to be a concern. Thanks again & keep up the good work!

  9. You’re just awesome. You’re soooo fun to watch, it’s kind of a mood
    booster. 🙂 keep it up!

  10. Cutting out white rice, white pasta, white bread ect. really helped my acne
    clear up.

  11. I also heard that cooked food causes acne.. I hope they’re wrong because I
    really enjoy your recipes. 🙂

  12. i think i have a slight addiction to celery 😛 since i became vegan i was
    able to stop using that horrible overpriced acne brand proactiv, i still
    use there green tea moisturiser but i love my new diet 🙂 thanks
    healthyvegan you have helped me be able to make a lot more interesting
    meals and that’s helpful to a 19 year old! 🙂 would you be able to to a
    video on breakfasts? i find it hard to find something healthy, nutritious
    and fast for the morning, also one on healthy smoothies for summer 🙂

  13. Thanks for yur awesome tips and your awesome channel.

  14. @healthyvegan iv stopped using my proteinshake for about 2 weeks not but
    it´s still getting worse , i don´t gett it , i´m in a very good shape , i
    have always had a strict diet 40 % meat 30% vegatables , 30 %, carbs, i
    almost never eat fast food and iv always had good skin , but the last 2
    weeks iv got so much acne i didn´t think it was possible to get pimples
    this fast , so i started drinking alot of water, using acne creams , eating
    alot of vitamine C, it´s not working ! help

  15. @almir185 What are you washing your face with. A good diet helps with acne,
    but it also makes a difference what you are putting on your face from the
    outside. I’m a certified skin care analyst with over 10 years of experience
    and continued training. You may need to start using a 3 step system to
    clear up the acne. Whatever you do, do not wash your face with bar soap. It
    will only dry you out and cause more acne.

  16. Any tips for a green smoothy detox? Im intrested in doing one but Im not
    sure how! Thanks 🙂

  17. I’ve been eating plant based since Sept. of last year. My acne has slowly
    worsened over the year. It is so frustrating because I do eat so healthy. I
    finally caved and went to derm and he prescribed a topical and antibiotic.
    Don’t want to take any pills so I will continue cutting things out of my
    diet and controlling stress and see if that helps.

  18. Here are some guidelines for including protein in your healthy diet: Try
    different types of protein. Whether or not you are a vegetarian trying
    different protein sources—such as beans nuts seeds peas tofu and soy
    products—will open up new options for healthy mealtimes.

  19. im on my last leg. day 3 of eating only fruits and vegetables and my acne
    is just as bad if not worse at 24 then it was as a teen. every single
    aspect of my life has been affected by acne. ive literally lost friendships
    because i dont go out anymore

  20. damn, u look like my ex-girlfriend

  21. Pimples take at least three weeks to form. I’m studying dermatology and
    looking to pursue a career as a Fraxel laser technician. I’ve studied acne
    for 8 years and I have yet to find a study that suggest the correlation
    between diet and acne (with the exception of very small studies). I
    appreciate the advice you are trying to give, but please try to do some
    research before giving false hopes. It’s also damaging to acne sufferers
    because they are accused of being at fault for their acne.

  22. Eat healthy and use dead sea salts in bath twice a week ensuring to
    alternate this with moisturising baths.

  23. Sharing your health tips with my child. Thx!

  24. It is a time when hormones are fluctuating and environmental stresses(work
    school toxins) can really take advantage of. As you improve health physical
    exercise proper mostly fresh fruit and veg diet and lots of water, these
    fluctuation can be minimized. The book mastering leptin talks about this in
    some depth. Heres a study to look at Degree of hyperinsulinemia,
    independent of androgen levels, is an important determinant of the severity
    of hirsutism in PCOS

  25. Same. Pcos has my my skin a nightmare since I was in the fourth grade. It
    does get better once your hormones are stabilized. Now I mostly only break
    out if I eat a lot of sugar and in the autumn for some reason (lack of
    vitamin d probably).

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