A Thorough Review of the P90x Workout System

Does it work? I guess the first thing to talk about is whether P90x actually works or not. The short answer to the question is yes it does. I managed to lose about 10 pounds off a 190 pound frame over the course of 90 days, but more importantly was able to add about 8 pull-ups and 20 pushups to what I was able to do before it started. There is a bit of a longer answer, and I guess it could start out with ‘of course it works’. The Schedule is such that you are working out 6 days a week for one hour plus, and it would have to a fairly terrible exercise system for a person not to see fairly good results over that time period. Whether it works better than another exercise program that is equally time consuming and intense is up for debate, all I know is that it was fairly successful for me.

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The Schedule: There are a few different options for schedules to follow: Classic and Lean. I did the classic program so that’s what I’ll review here. The schedule is broken up into three phases; 4 weeks, 4 weeks, and 5 weeks. The first weeks of each phase are intense workouts 6 days a week, followed by a single recovery or stretch only day. The last week in each phase is a recovery week that includes some core, cardio and yoga, but is still six days a week. This means that for 6 days a week for 13 weeks you are working out at least one hour per day, it isvery time consuming and intense but worth it.

Tony Horton as a host: The first few times through the DVDs Horton is an excellent host, he is entertaining and is relatively funny when chatting with the folks he is working out with on the video. The problem is that he tells jokes, and after 90 days, you will have seen some of the videos more than ten times. The jokes get old very very quickly, and I found myself putting the videos on mute and listening to tunes after I had been through them enough times to learn the workouts. All in all he is not bad, it’s just that almost no one is so funny that I would want to see here their jokes more than 10 times in 90 days (Eddie Murphy Delierious excluded of course).

The Workouts: This is the most important part of this article for sure; are the workouts any good? They are, they are especially good if you are working out at home and have limited equipment. You can do all the workouts with just a pull-up bar and a set of resistance bands if you are very limited, but the workouts work better with a set of dumbbells as well (I’d say 10-40lbs is enough). One of the great things about the way Horton teaches his classes are there are always three versions of every exercise; beginner, intermediate, and advanced. For example, there are a lot of pull-ups in P90x, but not everyone can do a pull-up. There are three options given, wrapping a resistance band around the pull-up bar and pulling that way, chair assisted pull-ups, and finally unassisted pull-ups. In this way Horton ensures that P90x works for all fitness levels. Please excuse the bold, but I’ve heard a lot of talk on the net about how it’s ‘too intense’ or ‘too hard’ for beginners, but that is baloney, there are always options.

There is a workout for chest and back that is all push-ups and pull-ups and by the end your arms are on fire and you can barely pull

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