A Review of the Medi-Weight Loss Program

Before I retired from my banking career, I watched the women around me shrinking in size as I was struggling to lose weight. I asked what they were doing to lose their weight and got either HGC shots or Medi-Weight Loss as their answers. I decided that once I retired I would try one of these programs and get back on track with my weight and become healthier.

HGC or Medi-Weight Loss?


That time came about six weeks ago when I was mentally ready to commit to focusing on my health, spend the money it would take, and lose the extra pounds I had put on during a stressful time in my life. I did some research online and spoke to several friends who had used either one of the programs and decided to try the Medi-Weight Loss Clinic.

The reason for my choice was 1) The program is medically supervised 2) The costs were reasonable and 3) a Medi-Weight Loss center was close to my home.

How Do You Get Started on Medi-Weight Loss?

The initial consultation is a medical exam to evaluate your current health. Medi-weight Loss staff takes a comprehensive blood panel, checks your blood pressure, performs an EKG, and records your starting weight and body fat index. If there are no health issues preventing it, you are ready to go!

During this initial consultation, you will set goals with your medical team at Medi-Weight Loss and they will give you strict instructions for your first week on the program, including a shopping list and menu suggestions and well as instructions for exercise. (I was assigned 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, 3 times a week.) The first week is very restrictive at 500 calories of protein, which kick-starts your fat burning engine. A prescription diet suppressant is provided which effectively curbs cravings and allows you to start the program with ease. (I swear!)

At the end of the appointment, I was given a Vitamin B12 shot and a complimentary B6 shot. The B12 shots are included in the weekly appointment cost, but the B6 shot is optional and costs an additional $10. (It burns too! I don’t get these)

What Does the Medi-Weight Loss Program Entail? The Acute Phase

Each week thereafter during the Acute Phase, you will meet with your medical consultant to review your progress. You are weighed on a scale that measures the pounds, and your fat mass index and the results are recorded. I hated this in the beginning, but as I started losing weight, I couldn’t wait to get on that scale!

Any issues are discussed and if needed, changes are made. Controlled portions of vegetables and fruit are added to the diet at week two. And around week 3 or 4 a daily “snack” is added. This is the “Acute” phase and it continues until you have reached your target weight.

Diet tips and helpful menu ideas are provided each week. At the end of every consultation a week’s worth of the prescription appetite suppressants and a B12 injection is given. You are entitled to an extra B12 shot in between consultations, which are strictly optional. The B12 injections are purported to help weight loss and provide an energy boost. I skipped one and lost less weight that week, so I never skipped after that week.

The Fit and Healthy website has an article “Vitamin B12 Shots” which discusses whether B12 shots really work. They are not 100% in agreement as to the effectiveness of the shots to help with weight loss, but they quote Roberta Anding, a registered dietitian and spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association as stating, “It is true that people over 50 lose the ability to absorb vitamin B12,” she says. “As we age, we lose the ability to make something called intrinsic factor, which is a key enzyme that unlocks vitamin B12 from food.” So taking vitamin B12, normally found in meat, may give an energy boost.”

My Medi-Weight Loss Progress

After six weeks on the Medi-Weight Loss Program, I have lost a total of 25 pounds! I feel great and have developed a different relationship with food. I also find myself in an upbeat, positive mood all the time, in direct opposition to my previous lethargic, tired, “poor me” mood.

I am learning to enjoy low carb food with less fat, use new spices, move my body more and have started wearing those clothes I had tucked toward the back of my closet!

Why Medi-Weight Loss Works for Me

Everyone needs to discover their own way to lose weight and stay on track. For me, I feel the weekly appointments inspire me to step on that scale weighing in less than the week before. As well, the diet plan is teaching me to think about portion control and to prefer healthy choices. The B12 shots have boosted my energy and happiness factor, and the appetite suppressant has definitely helped curb my appetite during this acute phase. (Taking them has never made me act like the energizer bunny or clouded my thinking, either!)

I feel more confident than ever that I will reach my goal weight, and in the process of getting there, I am becoming healthier physically and mentally. I am also sure that the clinic’s staff will effectively transition me to the maintenance phase once I’ve reached my goal weight.

I would recommend Medi-Weight Loss to anyone who wants to change their outlook on life and become healthier. Oh, and lose weight too!

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