A Guide to Using Netflix for Health and Fitness

Workout DVDs are a great health and fitness resource for toning and sculpting the body in the privacy of one’s own home. DVD routines can become old quickly, however, and are an expensive investment over time. Thanks to instant streaming capabilities and DVD rental programs through the mail, patrons of the home gym can now increase their video libraries by a thousand.

Netflix has become the cheapest personal trainer on the market for anyone looking to lose weight fast. This online service offers every type of exercise program available to create the perfect personalized workout routine. Users can have workout DVDs sent directly to their home, or use the Instant Streaming feature to access hundreds of fitness titles. Membership can be obtained for as little as $11 US Dollars (USD) per month.

Connect Netflix Instant Streaming to the television through the computer or a gaming system. This does require Internet access with a degree of high-speed to allow videos to filter without an excessive amount of buffering. Both the Play Station 3 and the XBox 360 are already equipped to stream Netflix.

Computers may be connected to the television easily through the use of a common HDMI cable. Simply unplug any DVR satellite box and reattach it from the television to the nearby computer tower. Laptop owners can stream from any room in the house using a wifi signal, and can also take their workouts with them when they travel. Check online with Netflix for more streaming devices.

Pilates and Yoga

Pilates and yoga are excellent techniques for lengthening and stretching muscles. These health and fitness exercises aid in joint movement, reduce joint and muscle pain, and can quickly remove inches from the waist and thigh problem areas. Netflix offers over a dozen various titles in these two separate categories through Instant Streaming and the DVD mailing program.

Start Pilates and yoga on a introductory level. Pick-Your-Level and Essentials titles are good programs for beginners and individuals who have not performed these poses in a while. These routines increase heart rate by challenging muscles, particularly the core, to hold demanding poses for a set length of time. These exercises are also low-impact for joints. Read the small summary the website provides about the video program to discover if any tools are required, like stability balls and hand weights.

Don’t let the desire to lose weight fast outpace ability. Certain poses are extremely challenging and require a great deal of flexibility. Muscle strength and joint flexibility must be built up over a period of time to achieve maximum positive results.

Weight Lifting Programs

Weight training DVDs are available in greater variety through the home mailing DVD service. These programs make use of dumbbells, barbells, and resistance bands. A few strength training programs are accessible through the Instant Streaming service, as well. The majority of these videos do tend to target weight training for women, and may not be as challenging for male viewers.

Cardio Training

Netflix carries an excellent selection of workout routines through the Crunch health and fitness series. These include kickboxing camp, salsa dance routines, and burn routines that target specific areas of the body. Video lengths vary by title and are listed in the summary description. These fast-paced videos are designed to help individuals lose weight fast and can fit into any available space in the day. Enough titles are available through Instant Streaming that viewers can attempt a different workout each day of the week without becoming bored.

Get creative with title searches when creating a home workout routine. This website is an excellent tool to use in conjunction with other health and fitness programs, but is only ever as effective as its user. Alternate days using home gym equipment, like a treadmill or elliptical, with days of Pilates or yoga through Netflix. Stream a movie instead while buffing up on a home weight lifting machine. The most effective personal training programs typically combine high-intensity cardio with muscle toning to firm the body fast.

Like a personal trainer, the website will attempt to tailor itself for the user. Netflix uses a rating system to determine which DVDs viewers enjoy on a personal basis. It then provides recommendations on other DVDs the viewer will most likely enjoy. This takes the work out of searching for the newest video online as the site will automatically let users know the instant they are ready to be watched.

The most important aspect of exercising at home is to remain disciplined. Netflix is more affordable than a gym membership and more easily accessed. There is a wide selection of programs from which to choose, ensuring that day to day workouts need never become dull. Netflix also offers a free trial month for individuals interested, but not yet willing to commit. This Internet service finally makes it possible to turn a television subscription into a reason to get up off of the couch.


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