A Great Weight Loss Website for Any Health and Fitness Goal

Losing weight is difficult enough, but to do it alone is nearly impossible. With a proper support group, you can greatly increase your chances of reaching the health and fitness levels you desire. Here are some of my favorite websites. Each weight loss website allows you to document your progress, learn about nutrition, and see the pounds melt before your very eyes!

Weight loss website #1: www.fatsecret.com

Although the name doesn’t sound very flattering or inspiring, Fat Secret is one of my favorite sites. I personally have been able to lose ten pounds with their calorie counting program. Their site allows you to track your nutrition and food intake, communicate with other members about health and fitness, and submit healthy recipes with complete nutritional information. There are also “challenges” you can join. A member will post a specific goal to achieve within a certain time frame. If you have a similar goal, or think it would be fun to participate, you can join the challenge. This is a great site to keep on track with your weight loss goals.

Weight loss website #2: www.fitday.com

Fitday is very similar to Fat Secret. They both offer food journals, nutritional information, and forum participation. The main difference is that Fat Secret offers some great detailed recipes, while Fit Day focuses on health and fitness articles. Personally, I prefer the recipes, but take a good look at each one before you decide what site to go with. Both offer an exceptional value. The website design and format might be what draws you to one instead of the other.

Weight loss website #3: www.bodyspace.com

As the name implies, Bodyspace is like the MySpace of health and fitness. You create a profile, blog about your feelings and motivation, and befriend other members of the Bodyspace community. This site is geared much more toward physical fitness rather than just standard weight loss. Here, you will find bodybuilders, college athletes, personal trainers, and others who take their health and fitness seriously. Being Bodyspace friends with someone who is at peak physical fitness might seem intimidating, but I’ve found that most Bodyspace members are very friendly and helpful to other members.

Since this site is geared towards weightlifting, it allows you to keep detailed records of your workouts. Nearly every exercise can be found with great notes on proper form, and it allows you to keep track of your strength progress. Although this isn’t necessarily a strict weight loss website, lifting weights is an essential part of changing your body composition. Bodyspace is a great way to stay motivated in your workouts.

These three sites will offer the greatest bang for your buck (especially since they are all free). By using Bodyspace and choosing one other weight loss website listed, you are giving yourself the best chance to reach the health and fitness levels you imagined. As stated earlier, weightloss is tough enough as it is, but by yourself, it is nearly impossible. These sites provide the social support needed to blast through your goals.

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