A Friendlier Weight Loss Alternative to Liposuction

by Freda Robertson
(Sydney, Australia)


Cellulite will always be an eyesore!. Aside from aging, you’ll also have to worry about all that weight you’ll gain as your metabolism slows down. As if you didn’t have enough worries right now!

So, you save enough money to get liposuction, or what is otherwise known as suction-assisted fat removal. People have been looking into this form of treatment to remove the stubborn fat that stays despite diet and exercise.

Usual target areas are the tummy, thighs, buttocks, and arms. However, this isn’t as popular as it was years back. Now, people are seriously opting for mesotherapy.

Most people may not realize this, but mesotherapy has actually been around even since 1952. A French physician named Michel Pistor is the genius behind the design and doctors have been steadily practicing the treatment in this decade.

So, why is it better than liposuction? First of all, it is certainly safer and a lot more affordable. The entire procedure makes use of injections that contain homeopathic medicines.

The ingredients all work together to eliminate fat. The mixture is injected into the skin on the target area to attack the fat cells by breaking them down and forcing them to ease out of your body as they dissolve.

The great thing about mesotherapy is that fat metabolism gets stimulated. This means that the lard breaks down before it gets excreted naturally.

Prior to this, only plastic surgeons were allowed to remove fat from your body. Aggressive means are necessary to make the operation a success.

You’ll have to be heavily sedated, and aside from that, you’ll need a significant amount of downtime for recovery. Not only will you have to spend more, but you’ll have to shuffle around what may be your hectic schedule just so you can recuperate.

Mesotherapy is much easier to execute and since it’s a non-invasive treatment, you won’t need to go through the usual hassle to get better. You can finally have the body you’ve always wanted at a much lower cost. The mesotherapy injection isn’t just to remove unwanted cellulite.

People have also turned to it to rejuvenate the skin on their necks and faces. And because your body removes the excess fat via natural means, you won’t experience any type of trauma from the procedure. Nonetheless, you also must be aware that there are risks and side effects involved.

You need to make sure that you won’t have an allergic reaction to the solution being used. If you’re not too careful, you can suffer from the ill-effects of infection.

You can still expect some swelling and tenderness right after the procedure, but these should disappear anytime between after a few hours to a few days after. A slight lump can also develop at the site where the injection has been made, but you can rest easy because that, too, goes away after a while.

Also, make sure that your liver will be able to take the medication’s strength. Talk to your doctor before anything else. An expert would have you do the necessary tests before undergoing the treatment.

You may be required to come in for several sessions, and this can be mapped out by your doctor so that each session will be spaced accordingly.

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Updated: January 23, 2014 — 3:22 pm

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