A Cure For Stretch Marks….Does One Exist?

by Gill Mortimer
(Round Rock, Texas, USA)

Stretch marks are a very personal topic for many, leading to a lack of confidence in our bodies and an unwillingness to show them off – so it’s not surprising that many of us are searching for a cure for stretch marks.

But does such a cure even exist? Carry on reading for an overview of the treatments available and how well they will work to drastically reduce your stretch marks.

Stretch Mark Creams

When looking for a cure for stretch marks, many people start by looking at stretch mark creams. Many of these creams make bold claims, stating that your stretch marks will disappear for good.

The truth is that, whilst success is not guaranteed, creams can work well to reduce the appearance of stretch marks to the point where they are barely noticeable. They are also useful for preventing stretch marks, by keeping the skin protected and less prone to breakage.

The important point to note is that stretch mark creams must be used regularly to work properly. Some creams, however, may work better than others, which is why it’s important to do your research beforehand.

Try testing a free trial of Dermology for an example of what these creams can do for you.

Stretch Mark Surgery

When it comes to a cure for stretch marks, the only true cure comes in the form of surgery. Cosmetic surgery, known as the abdominoplasty, or ‘tummy tuck’, removes excess skin and effectively removes stretch marks.

Laser surgery for stretch marks requires a far bigger investment than lotion, and will take a number of sessions to be effective. The result will be a reduction in the appearance of the stretch marks, rather than a full cure.


A stretch mark cure, in terms of complete disappearance, is unlikely unless you opt for cosmetic surgery. However, stretch marks can fade to the point of almost being invisible when you make use of a number of creams on the market, working out as a much cheaper cure than laser or cosmetic options.

It’s important to find a method that works for you, so take advantage of free stretch mark cream trials, such as Dermology, at the same time as keeping your skin healthy by drinking water and sticking to a balanced diet.

At the end of the day, a cure for stretch marks simply means finding a point at which you are happy with your body, which home remedies and specially formulated products can achieve.

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Updated: July 4, 2013 — 9:43 pm

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