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Diet Plan Reviews

 There are so many diet plan publications and other products claiming to help weight loss, it seems there is a new fad diet every couple of months that everyone just has to try out! So how do you know what weight loss diet suits your body and lifestyle? How do you find out which diets work and which don’t?

In this section we will try to present comprehensive information about all the classic diet plans and include the weight loss reviews of these diets. We will also try to make sure we get some in-depth information for you about the latest and most talked about weight loss diet plans and products.

We welcome contributions from our readers, so if you have a weight loss success story or diet review you would like to share, please use the submission box below to send us your article!

So How Do You Know Whether or Not You Need to Lose Weight?

Are you a woman? If you are and if you are like many other women, there is a good chance that you are concerned with your appearance. When it comes to appearance, there are many women who are concerned with their weight, namely the weight that they would like to shed or need to shed.

Unfortunately, many women believe that they need to lose weight when they really don’t. To determine if you should seriously think about losing weight, as it is an important issue, you may want to continue reading on.

When it comes to determining if you should lose weight, there are a number of important factors that you should consider. Since many women (and men) are concerned with their appearance and the way that they look, you may want to examine your appearance. Do you think that could benefit from a weight loss?

If you are currently unhappy with the way that you look, it may be something to consider. Of course, it is also important to make sure that you don’t lose too much weight, as it can be harmful to your health. For that reason, you may want to consult with your doctor to determine if weight loss is an issue that you should work on to create a diet plan.

What many people fail to realize is that their healthcare professional isn’t as concerned with their appearance as they are their health. So, if your doctor recommends that you lose weight, even just a little bit of weight, he or she may be concerned with your health and the possibility of you developing any weight related health complications.

The two above signs are the most common signs that you may want to think about losing weight. Of course, it is important to remember that the decision to lose weight is yours to make, as it is an issue that you have to deal with.

With that in mind, it is important to also remember that carrying around excess weight is more than just carrying around excess weight. There are many people who are constantly stressed out about or concerned with their appearance. If you would no longer like to spend every day in front of the mirror ashamed of your body or hiding your body from those and you know and love, it may be time to take action.

If you would like to lose weight, you may be pleased to know that you have a number of different options. Many women are able to develop their own weight loss plans, which often include a regular exercise plan, as well as eating a healthy diet plan.

You also have the option of joining a local weight loss program or an online weight loss program. These types of programs are nice, as you often get professional advice as well as support from group leaders and other weight loss program members.

As a reminder, it is advised that you take the time to speak with your physician, regarding your weight loss plans, diet plan or goals. This is especially important if you plan on creating your own at-home weight loss plan. In addition to giving you the go-ahead, your physician may also offer you a few weight loss tips, tricks, and techniques, ones that you may find helpful.

The Simple Arithmetic Of Reducing

Mathematics is a beautiful science, if you happen to like it. But it has discouraged a lot of us from making an effort at girth control. It has been said that “going on a diet” involves careful calculations in trigonometry, algebra, differential calculus and celestial navigation.

Be assured that all these scare stories are false. If you can do simple addition, you can do major subtraction — the latter in the form of too, too solid flesh.

And always you have a simple and infallible means of checking up on your reducing arithmetic: if your bathroom scales show that you are losing weight, then your arithmetic is perfect for your diet plan.

If they show no weight loss after a reasonable time, or even a gain, then you know that you arrived at the wrong answer and that all you have to do is to subtract another hundred or two calories from your daily quota.

To take your basal metabolism test, you go without eating for 12 or 15 hours, lie on a cot, breathe in and out of a bag, and pretty soon your physician arrives at a plus or minus figure that is something like the score on a speedometer: the speedometer tells you how fast your car is going, and your basal metabolism figures tell you how fast your body is living. To be a little more precise, it tells the rate at which your body exchanges energy just to keep alive.

Taking a b. m. test is always more fun for the physician than for you, so as a normal, healthy person you might just as well figure that all that basal metabolism means to you is that you burn from 1400 to 1,700 calories per day before you do a lick of work.

If you are a woman weighing 125 pounds, the 1,400-calorie figure applies to you. If you are a man (or a woman) weighing close to 160 pounds, the 1,700-calorie figure applies.

In-between weights have in-between values. These are close enough for all practical purposes because it is true that the basal metabolism rates of obese persons do not ordinarily differ much from normal.

To those basic calories you are entitled to add those representing energy consumed in working, walking, playing, singing in a barbershop quartet or persuading your husband to wear his rubbers. In fact, all of your daily activities require a considerable number of calories.

Thinking takes a few calories too: but the calories provided by one peanut will keep your brain fired for two hours’ concentrated thought. (Peanuts are probably one of the foods dieters should steer clear of, because they are so high in calories and the salt makes them almost addictive!). Wrinkling the brow uses up more calories than thinking! 

Extra calories to be added to your basal figure may vary anywhere from 800 a day on up, according to the nature of your occupation and activities.

Low Carb Diet Reviews

Trying to pick the perfect low carb diet for you? It can be difficult with all of the choices out there. Luckily, hundreds of people have been trying the low carb circuit for years now, and with the age of the internet upon us, most of them are willing to publish reviews of each diet plan in some form or another.

Atkins Diet 

Atkins is easily one of the most popular low carb diets out there. Most reviewers suggest that there are several reasons you might want to try Atkins. First, dieters notice a weight loss of eight to fourteen pounds within the early induction phase of the diet.

Second, most dieters who try Atkins like the approach. Keeping track of your carb levels is all that’s required of you, and the foods you get to eat with Atkins (including taboo foods like bacon, steaks, and pork rinds) are a match for many people who try this plan.

Negative comments, though, include the fact that your body may respond very poorly during the early days. You may feel overtired, and you may notice that your stress level is up. You may even have a headache to accompany this.

Your body is responding to your new diet plan. More scientific comments of this one are still being evaluated, but many suggest that this diet raises your cholesterol and saturated fat levels, putting you at risk for heart disease.

South Beach Diet

Next to Atkins, this diet plan seems to be a hit. Hundreds have bought the book, and tried the plan. With companies like Kraft climbing on board, it’s hard not to notice this diet. Most report a good initial weight loss, and a lasting overall weight reduction with the plan.

Many suggest that it is easier to follow than some of the others, as there is no counting involved, just a list of foods you can and cannot eat. As with the others, though, there are also several negative comments related to this diet.

First, many say that if you don’t plan to stay with the lists of foods you can and cannot eat for the rest of your life, your weight will simply come right back after you have finished this diet. Moreover, lots of dieters suggest that many of the points of advice offered in this diet (like the use of aspartame and the exercise habits suggested) are not only wrong, they’re dangerous in the long run.

The Zone Diet

This is a fairly popular one, and many people suggest it is truly the low carb diet to follow. Most report they do not spend time hungry while on this diet, and many suggest that it is a fairly safe diet plan.

The biggest problem with this one, though, is that your food has to follow a perfect ratio, and if you had trouble with elementary math classes in your schooling years, it might be best to stay away from this one.

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Creating A Weight Loss Plan That Works

You have heard it before and you will hear it again and again throughout your life time, not planning is planning to fail. So when you decide to do anything at all that is worthwhile you should make a plan.

I am sure you do this for work related projects so why not do it for things that affect your life, I am suggesting that you have a plan for things like promoting your health and managing your weight. Ignoring this can lead to an unfit body. And if you begin a weight loss program it is absolutely vital that you have a plan.

To begin you should probably list the reasons that you have made this decision. You might come up with things like health and appearance to start but then you can break that down and be more specific. You could include the fact that you want to look good for a special occasion or event. Or even that you want to purchase a new wardrobe of the latest fashions.

It is a great suggestion to visit your doctor before you begin any sort of weight management or fat loss plan or diet program. Find out first if there are any health related concerns.

I then suggest that you start a Weight Loss Journal. Begin your entries by listing your true reasons for wanting to lose weight. A hint here is that if you are not doing this for yourself you are more likely to be unsuccessful.

Then describe how you feel about your current body image and weight. After you have done that you may be feeling a little down but that is not the intention of this. You should next write a description of how you are going to feel when you have reached your weight loss goals.

And that takes us to the next step which is actually setting some goals. Remember to be realistic with your goals because if you set them at unachievable levels you will become disappointed and frustrated. This often leads to one simply giving up on a challenge that seems impossible to realize.

I would also encourage you to include a page in your journal or diet plan that lists any temptations that you are aware and ways of dealing with those temptations and situations. An example might be eating out or attending parties. By deciding ahead of time how you can effectively deal with such a situation you will be more likely to do well when the time comes.

Your diet plan should also be used to document what you eat, when you eat it, and how much you eat. It is also a good idea to include your emotions before, during and after you eat. This helps you to determine which high-calorie foods are worth indulging in and which simply lead to guilt feelings.

You will also learn if you eat more during times that you are happy, sad, or feeling stressed. Learning how to manage or prevent emotional eating is a major key to successful and sustainable weight loss.

If you truly develop a journal using these suggestions you will find that it is a very helpful tool. You can also add a page to list your physical activity. This will help you to see if you are in fact leading a sedentary lifestyle or if you are getting the activity that you should.

This simple tool will provide a way to track your success from the beginning to the end of your program. Remember, like anything else that is important to you, this project deserves planning & a diet plan is just perfect!

You can read more diet tips and diet plan for successful weight loss on our sister site Weight Loss Tips and Secrets at www.weight-loss-tips-and-secrets.com
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Fat Burning Foods 

Tips to Increase Good Eating Habits to Fight Obesity in Young Children

Bad eating habits are one of the causes of obesity in young children. Children have to be taught at an early age on the right foods to eat. If not, the child will develop bad eating habits and refuse to try healthy food.

Parents will have to step in and teach their children how to make reasonable choices about food. Most children need plenty of fruits and vegetable to help with development and puberty.

It’s important to teach children good eating habits at an early age so that eating healthy is instill into them. If not, the child will develop into a picky eater and it will take time to encourage the kid to eat broccoli over chocolate chip cookies.

Most children are picky eaters and this is very normal behavior of children. Also, children tend to eat food that they helped prepared or cooked.

It’s really important for parent to get the children involved with selecting food choices and help with the preparation of food. There are some tips to that can help with increasing good eating habits to fight obesity in young children.

1. Introduce the Child to Healthy Food Choices. 
The child meals should include vegetables and allow the child to eat extra servings of vegetable. Also, the child can be treated with a low fat healthy snack like oatmeal cookies.

2. Make sure the child drinks plenty of water. 
This can help with the child overeating and can help with losing weight.

3. Provide Healthier Snacks
You can still allow the child to have snacks but substitute the unhealthy snacks for healthy snacks. There are a lot of recipes for low fat cookies or substitute fruit for a snack.

4. Schedule Meals. 
It would really help to eat meals at a certain time each day or to schedule meals. This will help the metabolism to stay high enough to keep off weight.

5. Everyone Should Eat Healthy. 
It’s really hard for children to make the right food choices if everyone around the children is eating unhealthy food. Eating healthy should be a life style change and the entire family should make changes in their food choices.

Good eating habits are one of the ways to eliminate obesity in children. Children have to be taught how to make choices that will improve their health.

If children are not taught good eating habits at an early age then bad eating habits will increase in adulthood. Most children are willing to make changes in eating with a good support system.

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