8 Week Workout Program For Women – The Best Women's Workout Routine to Build & Tone Muscle

8 Week Workout Program For Women

A lot of women are interested in building muscle mass, but they don’t know how. With the right workout routine any woman can change her body definition and increase muscle mass.

The best women’s workout routine to build and tone muscle involves performing specific weight lifting movements. Moreover, when training with weights to build and tone muscle your workout routine should involve adding slow but consistent resistance to the muscle.

If you are just starting out with lifting weights you should start small. Start out with no more than 5 pound weights, and keep your repetitions to a maximum of 10.

An effective woman routine focuses on slowly working toward overloading the muscle group. Over time the weight you’re working with will become easy to lift.

Once this happens it’s time to increase the amount of weight you lift. Each time a weight gets easy to lift, try to increase the weight by at least 5 pounds. You should also gradually increase your reps as well. 8 Week Workout Program For Women

Try to increase your reps up to 15 and break your reps into 3 sets and take brief rests in between. The key to a women workout routine that builds and tones muscle is to challenge your muscles. So if after about a month of following your routine and you still don’t feel challenged, you should get rid of the sets.

So instead of taking a break to take a breather after 10 or 15 reps, you should continue performing the reps without stopping. Also, include an isometric hold in your workout routine.

An example of an isometric hold is to stop at the top of the movement after performing all your bicep curls. Your arms should be curled and the bicep should be contracted. You should hold this position for around 15 seconds.

This isometric hold will overload that muscle and allow the muscle to develop quicker. You can perform an isometric hold with any muscle like your legs.

So that’s it, the most effective women’s workout routine to build and tone muscle involves adding weights, increasing reps, isometric holds, and being consistent with your training. 8 Week Workout Program For Women

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