1. 1st yeaaaah ;p

  2. Um, same diet for males too.

  3. those boobs :p

  4. ok we all know why were here

  5. I hate burritos,they are nasty,that’s the reason I don’t really eat them
    unless I’m really hungry and there is nothing else to eat

  6. Stop being a dum jerk Mr. Boobs!

  7. Free of chemicals? But….water (H2O) is a chemical O.o Everything is made
    up of chemicals really lol. A good thing to do is have a schedule. An
    exercise schedule can be kept even if you miss a day, while a motivation
    type of exercise (you do it when you feel like it) you will likely stop
    doing it after missing a day. Focus on doing your exercise everyday and
    worry less about losing weight at a specific time. You’ll lose it

  8. dear howcast, we don’t need the music, its even louder than her voice

  9. absolutely!

  10. her tits blew my mind 😛

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  12. Well listening to her with that belly fat is not so very inspirational

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