7 Things Every Guy Must Do on the First Date (If You Want to Impress Her!)

by Jayne Holden
(Detroit, USA)

First date can make any guy to get nervous and most guys just don’t know what to do on their first date. Listen. If you want to get a second date, you have to satisfy your dating partner. You have to make the first date a nice moment to remember. You don’t want to turn her off and never hear back again from her after the first date. Here are 7 simple things every guy must do on the first date in order to impress her:

1. Smile and be a warm person

Your girl will not like your sour face in the first date. So, for whatever reason, don’t display the doom and gloom of your life in your face when you go to a first date. Instead, be a warm person and smile often. Your girl wants to see happiness in your face. It will indirectly tell her that you are happy to have a first date with her.

2. Know what to do and just do it

It means that you must be a confident person. If you don’t know what you do and look like a confused person in your first date, then it will turn off your girl. Show yourself as someone who is independent and confident. You’ll impress her if you do it.

3. Compliment her

Your dating partner will expect and appreciate your compliment. However, compliment shouldn’t be done excessively. Excessive compliments will turn yourself into annoying person. She won’t like it. Be careful with your compliments. Use it wisely, sincerely, and in right moment.

4. Ask question and listen to her

Without some questions to ask her, your first date will be a total wreck. In the first date, ask her many questions that you genuinely want to know the answer from her. But, don’t go overboard. Ask your questions without making her feel uncomfortable. Keep watching her body language when you ask her your questions. And of course, listen to what she is saying to you with full attention. Don’t lose your focus or talk much about yourself when you should be listening to her.

5. Pay the bills

Guys who don’t pay their restaurant bills in the first date are cowards. How can your partner expect you to become a reliable provider later? Does she insist that she wants to pay the bills too? Simply say no. She’s just testing you. She doesn’t really want to pay. So, pay the bills happily.

6. Tell some jokes

If you want to make your first date a nice and comfortable experience, try to tell some jokes for your first date partner. But, don’t look dumb in front of her. Good quality jokes are okay to get along with your date more comfortably. Also, you will show her that you are an easy-going person. She will like you more if you can make her smile or laugh, even a little.

7. Say goodbye

At the end of your first date, you must say goodbye to her by expressing your feeling about the date. You should thank her for the first date and you can weave her goodbye by actually saying “bye” or “see you later”. Express your gratitude and expectation for a second date.

Those are 7 simple things you must do in your first date. You don’t need to make everything complicated. If you apply those tips, you’ll have more chance for a second date.

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Updated: August 29, 2013 — 8:09 pm

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