2. Elizabeth Photog

    I use most of these tips but I think #7 has made the most impact on me.
    Love the vlogs!

  3. thanks Colin that was a very helpful video very motivating im starting pase
    2tomorrow and im getting me a white bord for tracking my goals

  4. Hi Colin:) I was wondering if you were going to have a sale for July 4th
    this year??

  5. Hi Colin, where do i find your podcast?

  6. Christine Casey-Blake

    Hi Colin, i’m going to start the HCG soon. I have been watching your and
    your wife video’s and vlogs and they are wounderful. I watch yours more
    then the others. Thanks

  7. From all the websites and HCG stuff I liked your presentation the most. I
    am currently on Dr. Bernstein diet which is a VLCD ketogenic diet (about
    500 cal per day). Three times a week I get B6 & B12, 0.4cc each trice. I am
    doing it for a month and lost 21 lbs but then one day I snacked on junk
    (was not overly crazy) but it kicked me out of ketosis. Three days later I
    am back in and now am wondering if I should combine it with HCG. What do
    you think?

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