1. Total new sub

  2. hey did lisanova quite youtube I just saw her channel on the side of your
    channel, does anyone know what happened I completely forgot about her

  3. i havent seen her vids but on her channel it says the newest vid she made
    was like 2 yrs ago.

  4. New sub!!

  5. funny 🙂

  6. LOL This made me laugh so much!! Love it!

  7. Apply cold water over area of burn.

  8. I Hope This Finds You

    Tons of amazing ideas! Thank you so much!

  9. You should make more Pokemon raps

  10. So creative and hilarious 🙂

  11. She Never Quit YouTube she has been helping run Maker Studios for the last
    5 years. Just tough to split time…YouTubing alone is Tough work.

  12. awh good I love her im glad shes still involved in the youtube community.
    thanks for replying..(your awesome)

  13. noah plays mine c. raft

    We’re is Monday lay ins

  14. Rawn did you really eat the twinkle cookie chip sandwich or did you spit it
    out off CAm

  15. lol good one! I believe in you ron!

  16. will you marry me? 🙂

  17. Lol eating right and exercise is stupid lol u are doing s

  18. Lol sorry my bad lol

  19. hey Rawn, you still raw?

  20. “I mean, gravity, right?”

  21. Lol 🙂 this is funny but also kind of sad because it is very hard to lose
    weight….I’ve never had a problem with weight before but I have family
    members who have struggled for their entire life…..wish their was a true
    magic way besides hard ass work lol 🙂 love your vids! Just realized you
    had a channel but have been watching ya on shays channels

  22. You are so creative, Rawn!

  23. Jajajaja!!!

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