5 Tips to Motivate Yourself to Workout

Some days you feel the mojo; other days you just don’t have it. Regardless of how you feel you have fitness goals. Nine times out of ten the battle to get yourself to the gym or do your home workout is in your mind. That means it’s all about motivation.

Gear up your mind before you try to gear up your body. Win the battle of motivation in the mind and you know you’ll feel better once you workout.


My motivation has to be to get to the gym. I enjoy working out and I really enjoy the 45 pounds I have lost. I’m not going to tell you it melted off. The first of it did, but I hit a plateau. Now, weight is coming off again because I fight to win the battle of motivation to get to the gym. A daily workout is a must to keep me fresh and on my toes.

I learned a few tips to help keep me headed out the door on the days I don’t feel motivated. They are my physical motivation queues.

Motivate Yourself to Workout: Keep a Schedule

First, I’ve set a schedule. I don’t stick to it until it is drudgery. I allow life to change my workout schedule, but at least I know what I’m going to be doing each day: cardio, weights, or both. I allow myself the privilege to change the workout if I feel like it. That keeps me motivated. Getting bored is a good way to lose your motivation.

Along with your schedule, keep a journal of what you have done. If you have the guts, keep a journal of what you have eaten. If you see yourself slipping when it comes to your workout, you will be motivated to pick up your pace. If you see what you eat, you may be motivated to decrease your calorie intake. Either way, you will be motivated once you see your daily activity and calorie consumption in writing.

Motivate Yourself to Workout: Recruit a Workout Partner

Find someone who is as committed as you are to making positive physical changes. Your physical goals don’t have to be the same, but your goal to get your workout in or get to the gym should be the same. Having a workout partner motivates you on the days when you’d rather stay home. You can also motivate them to workout on the days they want to take off.

A workout partner also helps keep you honest in your diet and workout. When your motivation is weak, you can rely on your partner’s motivation to get you both going, and vice versa.

Motivate Yourself to Workout: Pack Your Gym Bag

If you are like me, the least little glitch in gathering your gym clothes, shoes, towels, or IPod can get you aggravated and sap your energy for the workout. It took a while for me to put this physical motivator in practice, but I’ve learned to keep a packed gym bag by the door. It has shorts, a t-shirt, water bottle, padded bicycle seat, and IPod in it at all times. There is no excuse and no running around looking for everything I need to go to the gym. I’m more motivated to workout when I know I can toss my gym bag over my shoulder and get to the gym in no time, or at least before I lose my workout mojo.

Motivate Yourself to Workout: The Photo on the Fridge

Keeping a photo of yourself at your highest weight on the fridge is a tried and true method to motivate you to keep track of your fitness goals. You don’t even have to be overweight. If you are working to build muscle, endurance, or sculpt your body an old picture can be strong motivation to stick to your workout.

I’ve taken this motivation a step farther. I found a picture of myself at my peak weight and put it in my gym bag. When I feel tired or lazy, all I have to do is pull out that photo and it motivates me to spend even more time working out.

Motivate Yourself to Workout: Vary Your Workout

Early I told you to make a schedule. That is a good motivator. It is also important to vary your workout so you don’t get bored. If you usually go to the gym, try taking a run or biking outside. If you enjoy the treadmill give the elliptical or spinning bikes a try. Not only does it motivate you by breaking the routine, it works different muscle groups and helps make you healthier.

You can even plan unplanned workout days into your calendar. You may decide to use that day to go for a hike, climb a mountain, or walk around the mall.

Keep your workout interesting, easy to get to, and have a partner keep you accountable. You will be much more likely to be motivated to stick to your workout and fitness goals.

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