5 tips to being a good workout partner

A good workout partner is hard to find. You need someone who will support you all the way to your fitness goals. You need someone you can depend on and won’t bail on you. You need someone you can trust. How can you find a good workout partner? You can start by being a good one yourself. Here are five tips for being a great workout partner.

Show Up

A good workout partner will show up at the gym for every agreed upon workout. Your partner needs to trust that you will be there. There is power and strength in numbers. If you are having a rough day knowing someone will be at the gym waiting for you is great motivation to go too. And then you feel so much better because you went. On the other hand, if you show up and your partner is not there for whatever reason the wind is completely blown out of your sails. However, if there is a scheduling conflict you can go over that with your partner and figure out the best way to work around it. You can agree to just skip that workout or reschedule for another time. Then show up at the new time.

Share Goals and Visions

Be open and honest with your workout partner about what your goals are for your fitness. Do you want to lose some weight? Do you want to run a marathon? Do you want to gain lean muscle? Do you want to compete in a bodybuilding competition? Whatever your goal is share it with your partner. Then encourage your partner to do the same. You don’t necessarily have to have the same goals. Knowing each others goals can help you to know how you can support the best. A good partner helps the other reach goals one step at a time. A good partner helps you keep your eye on the goal during the hard times. A good partner is then there to celebrate with you when you do reach that seemingly impossible goal.


When you are working out focus on your partner. That is assuming you are doing the same things at the same time. It is hard to focus on your partner is doing if you are on a treadmill and she is on a bike. But, if you are lifting weights together keep your eyes on her. Don’t let your attention wander with the music or to other people. Exercising requires a lot of focus and that is hard to do when your support system isn’t focused either. Not only do you need to focus on your partner you need to help your partner focus on what she is doing. Don’t let her dawdle through the gym. Help her focus on the exercise at hand, get it done, move to the next, and then go home. A focused workout is a shorter workout.

Safety First

This one is part of the importance of focus. A key reason to have a workout partner is for safety. No matter how strong you get in weightlifting there will always be a time when you need a good spotter. That last thing you want is to be doing a bench press and realize you can’t lift the weight and end up pinned under that bar. Big injuries could happen. A good workout partner is focused on you during the entire set and is ready at a moment’s notice to catch the weight if you lose control. It will happen to everyone and it is a scary situation. A good partner ensures that you are safe and there is nothing to be nervous about. Not only does a good partner spot for you but a good partner also makes sure you are using good form. Poor form can lead to injury. Poor form also means you are not getting a true, complete workout. You won’t develop the way you should. Your partner should correct you, yell if necessary, whenever poor form creeps up.


Progress requires a good bit of pushing. You have to push yourself out of your comfort zone and run further and faster and lift heavier weights than you ever thought possible. You think you can’t do it. Then you do it and become stronger for it. Next time it is much easier. You can push yourself for quite awhile but there comes a point when the pushing and motivation need to come from outside. That’s when a good workout partner steps in. Help your partner reach new levels by encouraging her to really push past her perceived limits. Don’t accept excuses. You know she can do it. Help her to know that about herself. Or at least be the one who believes it until your partner finally believes it about herself. Push and motivate. Your partner will then want to do the same thing for you. You will reach your goals together in on time because of it.

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