1. Most people new to a raw food diet think:
    “All I need is raw foods to be healthy!”.
    Well, it is not that simple.

  2. I would like to see what you eat on a day to day basis. 

  3. Yes, i agree with the one down there, please SHARE WHAT YOU EAT IN A WHOLE
    DAY. Also, i have been following your family for an entire year and it was
    a beautiful journey so far. I understand that you get your income to feed
    your 5 kids from coaching, books and youtube stuff?

  4. Ka, where are you originally from???

  5. Hi, Ka! I think your thoughts are very wise regarding the patience in
    progressing with the raw food diet. I also appreciate so much your courage
    to step into this new life still of constantly traveling around the world.
    Almost you convinced me to try this life… I am living in the seasonal
    area of Europe and I wonder if sometimes you do not miss the winters or the
    autumns from the childhood?!

  6. Raw and Cooked Vegan

    Great points Ka. I would only add that the primary problem with candida is
    the excessive fat. While it may be wise to shift to starches for a while
    to help the candida balance out, as soon as fat is brought into normal
    levels that will work wonders with candida. And once candida is normalized
    fruit should not be an issue for folks. The same principle applies with

  7. I know I’ll never be 100 percent raw, however I’m having breakfast raw and
    lots more vegetables with my lunch and dinners.

  8. great vid

  9. Food and liquids r tools and when we evolve and heal enough we can get rid
    of those tools and live off of the highest vibration of pure unconditional

  10. thank you Ka

  11. Thank You so much for all your advice

  12. Great advice. I need to invest in a juicer!!! :D

  13. Thank you Ka for sharing all of your great knowledge with us while asking
    for nothing in return! You REALLY know what you are talking about and are
    not just a “fanatic” of a certain way. I’m learning lots!

  14. With my most recent experience I am starting to agree that too much fruit
    has not been helping me. I’ve long thought greens are good but sometimes i
    find it hard to fit them in enough, forget or just don’t have the appetite
    for them. I have now unsubscribed from raw/vegan Youtube channels that are
    not promoting greens because I think unconsciously it is easy to take in
    the whole message of these channels even if the intention is to take little
    bits of advice here and there.

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