5 Popular Weight Loss Myths Exposed!

by Harvey Bond
(Key West, Florida, US)

Most people are worried at some point of time about their weight. You might have tried that diet skipped a few meals or taken some supplements.

With so much contradicting information out there who do you listen to or go to for advice?

The first thing we should talk about is Carbohydrates. We often hear there is good ones and bad ones. Well there are indeed some really bad carbohydrates like super refined breads and juices from corn syrup. Those are the bad ones which should be allowed to hijack the fruits and vegetables, which are the good ones.

Confusion is often caused by the many diet books out there that talk about this food group, to the point that people decide to just exclude them altogether.

Which is sort of silly because proteins tend to fill you up, but carbohydrates on the other hand fill you up. So if you want to lose weight and you consider that fat is the slow burning fire, carbs are actually the match to keep it going.

Now moving on to salads, can salads make you fat? Everyone has been told that eating a salad is good for them. However if you go to fast food places, you maybe better off getting a burger than a salad.

On the surface of it a salad looks great, but if it suddenly has crumpled bacon, grated cheese and then you take all that salad dressing and pour on top of it. You can actually get more calories and more fat from the salad, than from just an ordinary burger.

Alright next muscle versus fat, what weighs more? Well what a pound of feathers weights the same as a pound of nails. However muscle tends to be denser and more efficient. A pound of muscle will burn fifty calories an hour whereas a pound of fat only burns three calories.

People also often say that if you eat after 8pm at night, you will gain more weight. Say you eat 4four hundred calories at two o’clock in the afternoon and your friend ate same amount of calories at eight o’clock at night.

You both ate the same amount of calories, the problem occurs when your friend goes on the scale in the morning the food may not have completely gone through the system. This makes it look like you weigh a pound or two more.

The last thing I would like to talk about is the so called weight gain over the holiday. People do not gain any weight over the holidays and in the winter.

This is simply because it is colder, your metabolic rate actually goes up. Human beings do not hibernate like animals, hence we end up burning more calories because we want to keep warm. So you can actually lose more weight during the cold winter months.

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Updated: October 28, 2012 — 12:50 am

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